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Question about Alimony/child support in TX

SleeplessInSouth posted 1/5/2021 22:03 PM

I'm just about to file for divorce from my WH of 20 years. Can anyone tell me if you were able to get alimony? My WH is a CEO/Founder of a company in Houston. I have not worked in 17 years because I took care of our 2 kids. One is 17 and one is 16.

My fear is that he will only have to pay be child support for one of the kids for 2 years. I have no clue what kind of work I can get, especially with Covid. How am I supposed to live when this is over.

He makes well over $200,000. How is it fair that he leaves when the kids are almost 18 so I won't get much support. I supported him while he was in school at the beginning of our marriage but we decided I should stay home shortly after my 2nd child was born. Now I'm 50 years old, diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety because of him. Maybe he's just hoping I'll die.

If anyone had a similar story- please tell me how I can get some support from him.

Oh and also, his Dad who loves me like a daughter is a millionaire. So if he can divorce me before anything happens to him- I get none of that.

Countingsheep65 posted 1/5/2021 23:55 PM

Iím not in Texas, but Washington State, I filed for legal separation and he has to pay me support. Married 26 yrs., we have a business that was started with two other partners.

Have you not seen a attorney yet? I would think by you having not worked your entitled to keep the life style your used to.

You would be entitled to 1/2 the business you would think, he would have to see what the business is worth and buy you out.

Until our business sales in 3-4 yrs he has to keep me on all his insurance, I get 1/2 of his bonuses too. I filed legal separation just because of insurance issues.

SleeplessInSouth posted 1/6/2021 00:09 AM

Yes I did see a lawyer once but we did not start paperwork at that time. My WH likes to let me start to feel real comfortable with him paying on the bills, and then out of the blue ask if I've been to the lawyer. But when I actually go he then says he's not in a hurry, or he doesn't have the money to pay the lawyer right now. Believe me, he always has the money.

Anyway, I'm glad we waiting because I'm just finding out that he got a raise and brings home about $2000 extra a month.

My lawyer did a formula and told me about what he would owe me but things are different now with one child turning 18 in March and going to college. I'm calling the lawyer tomorrow so maybe she can help me.

HalfTime2017 posted 1/6/2021 16:25 PM

You're going to get support. If you're a SAHM for 17 yrs, you're gonna get child and spousal. Plus, if your husband started that business while you 2 were married, you may be entitled to half of his share of that company.

Obviously get this info from your lawyer, but rest assured, you will be entitled to support. While you're at it, I would also put in the decree that he will help contribute to the kids college education. YOu will also be entitled to parts of his pension (should he have one), retirement accounts and Life insurance policy should be negotiated so that its in your name. YOu will also be entitled to half the equity in your house depending on when it was purchased and any rentals, and the cars.

Ask you attorney.

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