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Emergency injunction for custody?

Somber posted 1/1/2021 17:50 PM

Anyone have information on obtaining an emergency injunction for custody?

Briefly, my spouse is an alcoholic and sex addict. Not only has he been know to drink in excess while with the children, he has also been bringing affair partners in our home during this pandemic! We are in grey zone lockdown too. He had my mom watch the children while a worked the other day so that he can have an affair partner in our marital home!

I can only prove some of this from screen shots of his texts. I donít think this holds up in court.
2 years ago, I made a complaint with CAS about his driving drunk with our children. No police involved but a file opened. Around that same time he left our 6 year old child home alone with strep throat while he was around the corner getting drunk in a garage. I only have my word for this and perhaps a friends word whom I called.
He has a DUI from before children though. I have a screen shot of a text to friends bragging about picking the kids up from school fucked up: x amount of beer and 2 lines of coke.

Any ideas on my chances or the process??

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The1stWife posted 1/1/2021 19:03 PM

Iím not from Canada but do you have legal help you can obtain? That may be your best bet.

Do not let him drive the kids anywhere. Under no circumstances. Can you tell them not to get in a car with him? Will they listen to you?

Iím sorry you are living with such a nightmare.

skeetermooch posted 1/1/2021 19:24 PM

Also, not in Canada. In the US you can request temporary orders when you file your divorce. It assigns custody and child support, who lives in the house etc while waiting the divorce process. Here it's pretty quick. Also, here with his history you can request drug and alcohol testing as a condition of his visitation.

I would see an attorney if you can, file swiftly and see what your options are. Sounds like with the drugs, alcohol and covid risk taking you have a solid case.

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Somber posted 1/1/2021 20:55 PM

Can you tell them not to get in a car with him? Will they listen to you?

I can try. They have two safe houses on our street to go to if they ever need too. Both friends of mine/ours. My husband has manipulated me for years and children are much easier to manipulate so I think he would persuade them to do whatever he says really. I have changed jobs over the years to work only days, 8 hours as opposed to previous 12 hour shift work. Iíve done all I can to be home supper time, every night and every weekend.
Typically he has a few drinks late afternoon and many days thatís it. Itís the unpredictability of it that makes it challenging and hard to work around.

Iím going to look into it and contact a lawyer come Monday. A temporary appointed custody would be a start. I just donít want to serve him those papers...not sure I qualify for the option where it is just done without notifying him.

BigBlueEyes posted 1/2/2021 06:15 AM

In the uk we have whatís called ĎSocial Workersí they are there to protect children among other things, here they open up an investigation if they are told about concerns pertaining to negligence or in your case potential harmful actions from your WH, Iím not sure if you have anything like this in Canada?

Iím wondering if the police would be able to give you advice on some steps for you to help protect your children?

OrdinaryDude posted 1/4/2021 22:55 PM

Get security cameras for your house!

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