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I donít know how to feel about this?

Brokenheart29 posted 12/25/2020 10:53 AM

Hi guys, merry Christmas to you all!

Iím hoping for some advice please. My current bf of 1.5 years has just been on the phone. Heís at work today. I asked how his day has been. He said he left work for an hour to open presents with his children (9 and 6). I asked him where and he told me his xww house. Now this has shocked me. He doesnít have to run his life by me but he never mentioned they even spoke never mind arranged this. I donít know if Iím just supposed to be ok about this as he told me? Thanks to infidelity though my anxiety has just hit the roof. Iím now thinking how often is he speaking to her or seeing her that I donít know about?
Thanks for listening x

Alonelyagain posted 12/25/2020 12:54 PM

Would your bf have otherwise had an opportunity to see his kids on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? I have my kids every Christmas Eve and my XWW has them every Christmas Day. Yesterday, I took my kids to my parentsí place, then back to my place to exchange our gifts and then I dropped them off at XWWís place at 10 pm last night. If XWW would have invited me to her place this morning to watch our kids open her presents to them, I would have declined. But if we had an every other Christmas (entire holiday) custody arrangement and I wouldnít see them on either Christmas Eve or Day, and XWW made offer to go over her place and watch kids open presents, Iíd accept even though I have no interest in XWW whatsoever.

JanaGreen posted 12/25/2020 19:50 PM

My ex and his fiancee came over this morning to watch the kids open presents. My bf frequently sees the mother of his kids. It's no big deal. It's about the kids.

Charity411 posted 12/25/2020 21:20 PM

Yep. It's about the kids.

The1stWife posted 12/27/2020 04:51 AM

Interesting. He didnít communicate this to you.

I would find it odd that after such a long time he wasnít forthcoming. Not that he needs your permission but he could have just informed you.

What is he afraid of? I would calmly ask him why he was afraid to tell you his plans.

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