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2 1/2 yr new beginning ended

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AnnieOakley posted 12/28/2020 19:36 PM

I’m sorry drowning. He took the chicken shit way out and even if he would have been truthful, he still was not willing to do any work for the relationship. Once the shine is gone, it sounds like he is too.

The ex high school BF I dated after D said all the right things for a few years, then decided he did not see a future any longer. Yes, things were not always perfect, but I thought we were moving forward.

He too started dating very quickly. Within 3 months (?) he met the one. After dating about 8 months they moved in together. Then within the next 3 months his father, niece, and another niece’s husband died. The night after the husband unexpectedly died, they got engaged. No ring, no “she said yes”, etc. on FB etc. I believe he literally panicked. They are now married. I assume they are happy, but I can honestly say 3 years later I don’t feel anything typing the above out. I grieved the loss deeply for 2 years. We were not a good match no matter what I thought.

You now know he is not capable of a genuine, mature relationship. You are. Grieve the loss, be kind to yourself. You have more knowledge for the next situation, even though you did all you could in asking the hard questions for this one. On a much shorter scale the same thing happened to me with the first new guy that I dated for a few months this summer. All good. It hurt, but I learned a few things, so I’m better prepared for the next one I hope!

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