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Can a Man Come On Too Strong?

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Anna123 posted 9/12/2020 15:33 PM

As a very solid rule, I never respond to men who give me their phone number and ask to chat in their first contact on the dating site.

Too pushy, bad sign, I guarantee there is you and a 100 other women he is giving his number to.

Tallgirl posted 9/12/2020 18:52 PM

I think they just do a copy, paste, send, next....

Anna123 posted 9/13/2020 08:53 AM


Yes! I have gotten the same message from various men spaced a month or two apart. Too funny. Another clue is they never mention anything unique to my profile. Always something about my photos or generic, "I like your profile we have a lot in common". Never exactly what it is we have in common------ It's gotten so easy to filter now that I've been at it for awhile.

Tallgirl posted 9/15/2020 18:34 PM

Isnít that just desperate

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