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I知 devastated

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jo2love posted 8/22/2020 01:37 AM

(((Williesmom))) I知 so sorry for your loss.

ClassicOak posted 8/23/2020 05:53 AM

We just lost our pup of 15 years before Christmas. We'll see each other again at the rainbow bridge.

Booyah posted 8/23/2020 13:29 PM

So sorry to hear this!!

I know how hard it is to make that decision as well.

We had to do it three times over a eighteen month time frame about ten years ago. I cried like a baby each time.

Google the poem "The Rainbow Bridege". It brought me a lot of comfort.

Hang in there!

imwideawake posted 8/25/2020 06:52 AM

I'm so sorry. (((hugs)))

DevastatedDee posted 8/25/2020 07:47 AM

I have cried harder over losing a dog than I have over losing people. I'm so sorry. I know it's the absolute worst. I have six dogs and I know I have a mountain of grief coming my way when I lose them, but I have to consider it the payment for the invaluable love we share while they're here. Dogs just do not live long enough. The joy and comfort they give while they're with us is priceless.

solus sto posted 8/28/2020 19:10 PM

Oh, no! Willie entered your life around the same time Truman entered mine, and we were going through the maelstrom of confronting infidelity around the same time, too.

I know that, for me, having the solid, dependable (yet dependant--so no staying in bed!) canine friend was--is--key to my sanity. (I'm staring down the same barrel, and it's heart-wrenching.)

I can't express how sorry I am (for you, too, luvbug...).

Myname posted 8/28/2020 19:37 PM

I'm so sorry.

emmalee82020 posted 8/29/2020 09:51 AM

So so sorry for your loss. Take care

Sidonie posted 9/2/2020 08:47 AM

I'm so sorry about Willie.

SoHappyNow posted 9/3/2020 13:58 PM

I am so sorry for your loss. My heart aches for you.

Thissucks5678 posted 9/5/2020 18:58 PM

I知 so sorry. I just my dog too. It was terrible. After dday, I remember feeling that he was the only male that had always been there for me in my whole life. Man, that pain is awful.

I am so sorry to hear you致e been going through this loss too. ❤️

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