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BS-me, 60; X-irrelevant; we’re D & NC.
"So much for the past and present. The future is called 'perhaps,' which is the only possible thing to call the future. And the important thing is not to let that scare you." Tennessee Williams

Anyone skilled at locating email addresses?

I need the email address of an ex-inlaw—for a completely benign purpose (for my kids to contact her for the holidays); the one I had is defunct. Alternatively, a physical address (they have 2 homes and I have some parts of each address) would work.

Anyone have a nifty program into which known info can be plugged to get the desired info—who’s willing to run this for me? I’ve done all the usual other things to no avail...

1 comment posted: Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Any real estate sleuths?

Does anyone have the ability to access real estate transaction records for MN from perhaps 10-12 years ago? My divorce trial date is in just less than three months and I've discovered (recalled, really) that on a people search years ago, stbx and I came up as owning a property in MN. I was alarmed, but stbx told me that errors like that show up all the time and discouraged me from digging.

I just remembered this, and checks show us in MN on many sites. So I've done some digging. I know the address, the name of the person (female) who lived there, and that she sold with good profit.

I'd like more information about the real estate transactions–signatures, if possible, to compare to stbx's.

Does anyone have any way of obtaining this info–or know how I can get it? Stbx has a huge history of dissipating assets —$60k++ on strippers and hookers, so a house less than a day's drive (or cheap flight —could go "to work" and be home at dinnertime) would NOT be unusual. (Never mind we never had anything and he resented how little we did together. It was set up that way.)

I'd rather not pay my attorneys astromical PI—at least not without providing as much info as possible to him.

I can send the details I do have. I have to work this morning, but will check back in case anyone has ideas for accessing this info.

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6 comments posted: Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Spokeo lookup, please?

My daughter got a disconcerting text about stbx---does anyone have the ability to check the number on spokeo for me?

2 comments posted: Thursday, July 28th, 2016

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