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My Reoccurring Nightmare

QVee posted 5/20/2020 14:33 PM

So I need to talk about this and get this off my chest, and I want to tell it to you all who will understand.

Randomly out of the blue, I will have this reoccurring nightmare about my relationship with XH. In the nightmare, XH and I are still living together. I have found out about his affair, and the fact that he was never really faithful to me during our whole marriage, but I'm still living with him. I want him to leave and move out, but he won't, because he isn't sure if he has feelings for me or if he wants to go with the other woman. And I'm like stuck in limbo land trying to get rid of him, and knowing I will ever be able to trust him again, but he's still stuck in my house?

Reality: We separated two years ago, and now we are D'd. We were only living together for about 3 weeks after DDay until he moved out.

But it's the same F-ing dream over and over again. It happens maybe once every two weeks, and I wish it would stop. All the other shitty dreams have gone away, why won't this one?

thatbpguy posted 5/20/2020 14:50 PM

I get stuck in recurring dream patterns and I don't read too much into it. Perhaps in the back of your mind you haven't fully healed and these dreams are telling you so. Or perhaps it's part of the grieving process.

Sometimes I listen to You Tube sleeping music and it keeps my and my dreams a little more calm.

LadyG posted 5/20/2020 16:45 PM

The recurring nightmare was my reality and possibly yours too at some time.

WH not wanting to move out, not wanting me to move out. WH not wanting a D.

WH still wanting me and everything in its place when he returned home but not committed to AP or ME and family. WH wanting my commitment to stay put and not move forward.

I moved out 10 months ago and demanded D.

that nightmare has faded 🙏🏼

QVee posted 5/20/2020 18:08 PM

Yeah, right after DDay happened, I used to have terrible nightmares, but over time they've faded away. I just want this one to go away too, because when I wake up from it, I feel like shit and in a panic, and it takes a log time for those feelings to wear off during the day.

I'm D'd. I'm moved into my own house. I have no contact with him. I'm free, there's no way he can hurt me anymore. That's why I'm just surprised I'm still having this one nightmare.

You all think it's PTSD?

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