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Today I am grateful for....

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JBWD posted 12/15/2019 15:30 PM

Late entry from yesterday-
Grateful to get to play Santa. Literally. At office holiday party. Kids were along and I think enjoyed being “in on it” and the free food for them. Some very touching interactions with a couple kids.

This holiday is my first separated and scares the shit out of me, but to be there for someone (to include BW who still needs help and support) is a really meaningful experience for me and one I relish.

Maia posted 12/15/2019 18:50 PM

I am grateful for the Life I've been given. Capital L. For the work I have right now. For Christmas. My kids are struggling but somehow I am grateful for that too. I think God is in it. My husband says they are just now making it out of the noob cave (gaming reference...they're grown). I'm thankful for my kids I work with. I'm grateful for learning. grateful for you guys. Grateful for mercy. Grateful for my H.

BraveSirRobin posted 12/15/2019 22:00 PM

Today, I'm so grateful for my H. My kids are generally pretty good eggs, but they did something obnoxious today that really cut me to the bone. My H hugged me, told me that they were being teenaged assholes, held me while I cried, made me soup and toast, and watched over me while I slept it off. I am well aware that I don't deserve him on even an average day, so today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

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