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An update... 8 months after D-day

Coffeecloud posted 9/1/2019 17:06 PM

This is the last Sunday I will be someone's wife. Our divorce will be final on Tuesday. I am having a bit of a stress eating day. I have cried more than usual in the past week. I feel nostalgic, nervous, unsure of facing life without a partner.

But I am in such a different place than right after D-day. I am (mostly) strong. I can laugh, have fun. I can clearly see that there is life after being cheated on.

That fateful moment I waited for actually happened- my spouse came crying and begging me back. He promised to quit his job, give me access to phone, quit facebook, quit drinking, anything. He just wanted me, and only me.

I said no. I told him that should have happened Dec 8th. Not in July! I told him I didnt want to be a jail warden and monitor him. It was as if he sensed I was getting over him, and finally came to his senses.

I still have many moments of sadness. But to all you who are suffering in the darkness after D-day, please know you will get through this. Time will ease the pain. You can't rush it.

WhoTheBleep posted 9/1/2019 17:40 PM

"I told him I didnt want to be a jail warden and monitor him"

Good on you. Boundaries!! That was a huge step in getting strong again, by the way.

You are going to rock your new chapter. You sound so strong already.

downunderchump posted 9/2/2019 00:20 AM

Thank you Coffeecloud,
Iím also 8 months from d-day (5) but as Iíve been pick me dancing for the last 8 months & only just kicked him out Iím in the early grief cycle. Itís great to know it gets better.
Good on you for not agreeing to be marriage police. I did & it was such a waste of time & only made the situation worse.

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