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Dating in your mid 40’s

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LilBlackCat posted 7/21/2019 01:23 AM

the experience is so different for men than women that it's hardly worth equating the two, probably.
This is so true, I have a friend who didn't even want to try as she felt that a "big girl" stood no chance on OLD... After a few days, told me that she has had to revise her profile a few times to help narrow the flow of hits she was getting..

It was that many... Lol!

Yet, after many months of trying and revising and changing photos.. I don't even get crickets on my notification list... Lol!

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Alonelyagain posted 7/21/2019 08:35 AM

I just turned 59 and have been on OLD for about a year and a half. I’ve had two relationships during that period, but many first through third dates. Deal breakers for a number of my “matches” was my former “separated” status prior to finalization of divorce in December 2018 and my young children, the youngest is DD10. OLD is a numbers game and if you can deal with the numerous rejections, it is a useful tool in meeting someone that you otherwise would have never encountered. I try to be realistic about who would be interested in me, and found my sweet spot to be women around 55 with a graduate degree or PhD. In order to avoid repeating past experiences with my XWW, I avoid woman with “high school” or “some college” no matter how attractive they are. I know it sounds snobby, but live and learn.

After experiencing my XWW, I’ve learned that anyone can be a cheater. In order to avoid that situation in the future, after I get a phone number from a woman on OLD, I search it on been-verified. After getting the name associated with that phone number, I search the name on Facebook. That may sound creepy, but it is effective. One woman’s profile said that she was divorced but had pictures from her 25-year anniversary trip on FB. Another had credit warnings, bankruptcies and civil suits. The most surprising was a woman who I had a too short of a relationship with, her FB profile picture was a cozy picture with a guy who turned out to be the over the top gay real estate agent from the “Million Dollar Listing” show on cable who she works with/for.

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havequestions posted 8/5/2019 19:11 PM

To be honest, I find it as exciting as when I was much younger! There are many people out there to meet. As a male, it maybe a bit easier in some respects. There is definitely truth to much younger women liking older men. So the age range and thus the total number of approachable women is higher now then when I was younger. Also, women are much more open to initiating the conversation . Throw in the fact that they are still ultra competitive with one another, it creates much opportunity.

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