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Jrazz posted 3/25/2015 21:26 PM

when I found out I wasn't going to be unemployed after all

t/j - YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!


h0peless posted 3/26/2015 12:41 PM

Your post history should be located in the Simplicity version and by clicking on View Older Posts under your profile

No dice. It says "h0peless currently has no archived messages. If you have just recently upgraded your archived posts should be available within a few days of your upgrade."

t/j To make matters better RE the job situation, I told them I was leaving at the end of the school year on a Friday and by Monday, they had created a whole new position for me on a different career path that I was hoping to pursue elsewhere. Exciting!

Deeply Scared posted 3/27/2015 06:38 AM


I'll let MH know about this today

h0peless posted 3/27/2015 14:00 PM


MangledHeart posted 3/28/2015 16:03 PM


I apologize for that. This was an oversight on my part. Your posts are being harvested from the archives now. It may take a few hours for them all to appear but you already have several available now.

Thank you for your patience!

h0peless posted 4/1/2015 21:54 PM

Thank you. It wasn't such a big deal.

ETA But now my upgrade isn't showing up on my profile and I no longer have access to SImplicity. :(

But on a positive note, the sun will still rise tomorrow!

[This message edited by h0peless at 9:57 PM, April 1st (Wednesday)]

MangledHeart posted 4/3/2015 08:16 AM


I just verified that you do have access to SImplicity. There is a link in your profile on the top right for SImplicity.

h0peless posted 4/3/2015 14:35 PM

It's working now! I promise it wasn't there yesterday. Thanks for getting it working for me!

1moretess posted 4/27/2015 08:43 AM

THank you for this wonderful site.

[This message edited by 1moretess at 6:52 PM, May 2nd (Saturday)]

Deeply Scared posted 4/27/2015 11:28 AM


you can click on the Upgrade This Profile/User button in your profile and all the levels and explanations are listed.

The charges to sponsor are the same

Sillyshiloh posted 8/23/2015 21:28 PM

How do we find out how many posts we have? I'm sure it is in here somewhere, but with all the Ashley Madison posts, I am too overwhelmed.

Deeply Scared posted 8/23/2015 22:31 PM

How do we find out how many posts we have?

Click on your Profile and your latest posts will be listed under there

Drishti posted 9/1/2015 18:51 PM

I'm wondering why I can no longer get in Inv. Tips...I have 56 posts and have donated twice, largely to get in that forum. Yesterday I had the silver membership level but today it just says member.....

Deeply Scared posted 9/2/2015 06:36 AM


I sent you a PM

Painfool posted 9/12/2015 17:41 PM

So wish I had done this when we were still married and I had money!

Will the 2008 start point be kept in the future, or will it be updated as the years go by (as in next year 2009 etc)?

I do at least remember donating back then, and I will do in the future when I finally get my career off the ground properly

MangledHeart posted 9/12/2015 18:30 PM

2008 will stay in the archive database. We keep the archives ongoing.

Painfool posted 9/13/2015 03:49 AM

Excellent! Would be so interesting to see my early stuff :)

SpinDoctorsHusband posted 10/6/2015 00:25 AM

Can I pay for the upgrade with an Australian credit card?
Edited to say: State abbreviations are 3 letters.

Edited 2: It is now sorted. Issue may have been caused by an outdated flash plugin.

[This message edited by shinmoe at 6:27 AM, October 6th (Tuesday)]

LinC37160 posted 12/11/2015 08:50 AM

Do all levels of donations do you still have to have 51 posts to get full access? Or is there one that does not require postings?

Deeply Scared posted 12/12/2015 07:48 AM


Yes, all levels require 51 legitimate posts

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