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I ruined a good man.

Topic is Sleeping.

 LostMolly (original poster new member #82611) posted at 9:31 AM on Sunday, March 19th, 2023

Well, he came home and immediately apologized!

He said he was sorry for being so angry at me. He said he was sorry for the way he treated me. He says he didn't like who he became and wanted to let it all go in order to get peace back in his life.

He said, I forgive you for cheating on me. I was so happy in that moment. Then He said, I forgive you but I can no longer be married to you. He said you are a liar, cheater, deceiver, a person who abandoned their moral code for a worthless fling.

He said, I love you but I don't love what you turned me into. He said he has filed for divorce and that I would be served in short order. He said he hopes that I wouldn't make it difficult and that this shouldn't be looked at in a negative way but rather an opportunity for me to find someone I'm more compatible with.

He kissed me on the forehead and said he was spending the night at a DT hotel and would be back tomorrow morning to work out the details.

I was expecting him to ask for divorce but the apology threw me and gave me hope. Then the rug ripped me back to reality.

I decided that I was going to give him whatever he wanted in the divorce if he gave marriage counseling a chance.

He said nothing could change his mind but that he would attend. We have been living together, separate bedrooms and attending counseling. He has become less stoic as we progressed but has maintained throughout that he will not stay married to me. We are friendlier to one another but not romantically.

I am happy that the guy who I married is back to being himself even though I know that the days of seeing it everyday are winding down.

After a particularly good session, We were watching a movie last week, sitting closely and he put his hand on my leg. I burst out crying. I cry a lot. I had a great relationship, a great marriage, a great husband and now it is all gone.

My husband is divorcing me.

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ff4152 ( member #55404) posted at 6:11 PM on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023


I’m sorry to hear that things turned out this way. I hope you decide to stick around and get support when you need it.


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SkipThumelue ( member #82934) posted at 2:21 PM on Friday, March 24th, 2023


Very sorry to hear this. Please keep coming here and please continue to work on yourself. You are worth it.


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Reconciling and extremely grateful.

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"The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself." - St. Augustine

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Valaki ( new member #83129) posted at 8:31 AM on Monday, March 27th, 2023

My husband said, be cognizant of boundaries. I offered to show him our texts to show that we were just friends and he said I trust you, I need to have trust in you above all. Honestly, I was low key upset that he would even suggest that I would cheat on him and harbored some resentment over it. The texting started to increase and eventually over the course of a few months, our texts turned complimentary and progressed. I didn’t shut it down because I liked the compliments and attention and never had any intention of going any further. My husband has always been complimentary of my looks and has always made me never forget I am a woman.

As you can guess, it went way too far, my husband was away, my coworkers went out one night, Justin was there and too much drinking, some touching under the table and we ended up having sex in our house.

Well you know, I think the key is here, that he communicated to you that he needed to trust you. And you betrayed that trust. I know you had no intention to go further, but boundaries are there to be maintained or otherwise no amount of willpower will be enough to resist temptation eventually. It's like keeping to a good diet. A lot of people do fall into affairs in this way. Maybe you already realised and learned about all this though.

Well I wish both of you luck in rebuilding your lives. Whether together or in separate lives.

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Topic is Sleeping.
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