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Movies that depicts well the struggle of an Affair

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Westway posted 12/11/2020 09:12 AM

The first episode of "Ozark" was fun when the OM got thrown out a skycraper window and went splat right in front of the BH.

I laughed.

AboveAverage7913 posted 12/11/2020 09:17 AM

re: Ozark...

WW actually quoted this show. Paraphrasing... "People sleep with other people, Marty"


I used to like that show.

StrugglingCJ posted 12/11/2020 09:29 AM

I love Ozark.. My WW hated that first episode.. Especially when she saw that I actually enjoyed the karma bus rolling in on the AP.. The rest of the show is pretty good too though.

survrus posted 12/11/2020 10:07 AM

"The Postman always rings twice"

A beautiful woman is married to a rich man she doesn't love, gets entangled with a handsome guy and they kill the husband, then she dies in a car crash and the handsome guy gets the electric chair.

My Mom used to warn me about comiting crimes by saying I would get "the chair" lol.

Westway posted 12/11/2020 13:03 PM


re: Ozark...
WW actually quoted this show. Paraphrasing... "People sleep with other people, Marty"


I used to like that show.

Oh man, she's a real winner. People also shoot each other for money.

[This message edited by Westway at 1:03 PM, December 11th (Friday)]

3yrwait posted 12/11/2020 16:30 PM

The Descendants (as others stated)
Crazy Stupid Love (as others stated) EXCEPT for the expectation that the Betrayed should chase the Wayward.

I liked The Dilemma but others disagreed. Vince Vaughn discovers his best friendís spouse is a Wayward and struggles to tell his best friend (who is also not innocent). I thought the craziness, gaslighting, manipulation, and some emotions were accurate.

staystrong101 posted 12/11/2020 18:51 PM

Not sure if this was already mentioned, but The Undoing on HBO. I donít want to spoil it if anyone wants to watch! And it involves a murder which was thankfully not in my story! But there are triggers... Everyone at the childís school seems to be talking about them. Some of the conversations between WH and BS are so similar to my experience. But itís interesting how she tries to protect him and almost justify/excuse what he did! This was not my case but we see this often on SI. And the OBS tries to talk to her but she doesnít want to believe her WH could do any of it. Iím a few years out so I can watch it now. A few ago Iím not sure.

Butforthegrace posted 12/13/2020 09:05 AM

There's a stanza in the song "Eurotrash Girl" by Cracker. It's not expressly about infidelity, but in the manner of song lyrics, infidelity can be inferred:

I called my mom from a pay phone
I said, "I'm down to my last."
She said, "I sent you to college,
now go call your Dad."
And the waitress that he married,
well she hung up the phone.
You know she never did like me,
but I can stand on my own.

AboveAverage7913 posted 12/22/2020 11:13 AM

"Love Actually" - tis the season.

Sorry if already posted in this thread, I know it comes up from time to time @ SI.

ibonnie posted 12/22/2020 12:05 PM

I think Emma Thompson's role in Love Actually is particularly heartbreaking. She's said in interviews that she knows from her own life what it feels like to be to be betrayed like that.

Her first husband, Kenneth Branagh, had an affair with Helena Bonham Carter, which is what ended their marriage.

StrugglingCJ posted 12/22/2020 14:43 PM

If you watch love actually followed by die hard.. You see alan rickman get hit by the karma bus for what he did to emma thompson.. 😁😁

Waggingthedog posted 12/25/2020 11:25 AM

I can't believe no one has mentioned "This is Where I Leave You" yet. I has some complicated themes, but, in the aftermath of my whole thing it was the first movie that actually made me laugh.

I'd recommend it if you're looking for something to binge this holiday break.

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