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Embarrasing s*** WS deal with

MIgander posted 6/25/2020 08:59 AM

Just a vent. Had to deal with some anxiety inducing and shame inducing OBGYN stuff. Guilt over something potentially being transmitted to BH, only to find out I was clean and he had the cold sore version. I've had cold sores since I was 9. Looks like that form was lurking and waiting for a prolonged period of stress to come out.

Either way, all that emotional exhaustion, shame and embarrassment I went through on Monday/Tuesday is worth it if it gives him peace of mind.

It's the least I can do.

MrCleanSlate posted 6/25/2020 10:50 AM

I recall my BW going off to get STD tested and it left me feeling like a total piece of shit.

I had already done it, but she didn't want to trust my results for her own health.

That was a low point for me. It really hit home the depths of what I had done.

It is all these little shit sandwiches which will keep popping up though that your BH and you will have to get used to. Freaking out when you get a spam email, or a text or phone message from someone you don't know. I still am afraid to answer a 'Private Caller' number.

You know though, think about how our BS's must have felt having us shove this on them...yeah it sucks all around.

pinkpggy posted 6/25/2020 12:26 PM

I'm over 3 years out and still ask to be tested JUST in case. Esp for HPV which can lay dormant. Its embarrassing but important. I was mortified when I first went to my primary care doctor but now I go to my GYN and they don't bat an eye.

MrsWalloped posted 6/25/2020 14:52 PM

Hi pinkpggy.

Same here, except my OBGYN told me that I could stop getting tested after 2 years, and then stick to the regular 5 year schedule. He didnít care either but to me it was horrible. I imagined everyone in the office looking at me and whispering about me. Ugh. But like MrCleanSlate said, that pales in comparison to what my BH went through when he went for STD tests (I didnít make the AP use condoms). He calls it one of the most humiliating moments in his life.

Luckycline posted 7/3/2020 18:22 PM

WS Only

[This message edited by SI Staff at 7:19 PM, July 3rd (Friday)]

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