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Anyone know about swinger parties

Jodi44 posted 3/22/2019 14:43 PM

I'm new here and signed up because I suspect my husband may be involved with going to swinger parties. Anyone have experience with this - what should I be looking for as far as potential red flags for this?

MamaDragon posted 3/22/2019 15:12 PM

normally swinger parties don't allow single males (legit ones that it even legit?)

look for get together's that are private. There are other places you can go to find ads for get togethers like Craigs list also.

Best bet is to gps his car...and/or follow him.

FYIW I know about them bc I've worked with a PI before & had to scope out a woman's hubby who was cheating on her.

LizM posted 3/22/2019 16:05 PM

There are websites for swingers...swinger zone central, swapper net, adult friend finder. You can find parties posted there. Maybe you could create a fake profile and look for his profile on those sites.

Every major city has at least one swinger club too. Should be fairly easy to find with some googling.

MamaDragon is right, itís more difficult for a single male to get into those events or clubs, but there are usually certain nights they can attend or sometimes they can get in if they pay more. Or he couldíve found an AP to attend with him so they can go as a couple.

If he knows a married couple who swings itís possible they could invite him to private parties too. If he hangs out with another couple a lot you could look for their profile on those sites also.

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survrus posted 3/22/2019 16:57 PM


What evidence do you have?

Don't let him know what you know, or he will try and explain away everything and become more secretive.

It's possible he has a girlfriend who go him into this, could also be someone at work.

Don't have sex with him who know what STD he picked up at those parties.

tushnurse posted 3/22/2019 20:10 PM

Oh honey. Please do what others have suggested. Stop having sex with him until you know what's up. Use any excuse you can.
See if you can get his phone and check all possible email accounts.
Most swinger groups do not allow single men unless they are part of a thrupple.
Get a VAR. Get some Intel and then proceed with confrontation.
In the meantime see your dr. Get STD tested. see an attorney and find out your rights.

GoldenR posted 3/23/2019 06:10 AM

He would have to show up with a female. And maybe he is.

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