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I am fixin to cheat.....

intheblinkofaney posted 2/18/2019 14:12 PM

On my hairdresser 😭
And not sure how to go about it !! I love my hairdresser, but
I want to try extensions and she doesnít do the kind I want
( halo couture)
I searched her bio page just to make sure and I havenít
seen any kind of extension work in her pics.
Her coloring is on point, but the place where I live that does
the extensions has amazing coloring as well and I figured
it would be easier to color and get extensions at the same time and place so the can match the extensions!!
I know #firstworldproblems , but do I tell her Iím going
somewhere new or just do it ??

devotedman posted 2/18/2019 14:35 PM

IMHO that depends on whether you want to be " Just Another Customer" or have a rea l dialogue with another person.

Just Another Customer would go wherever they get the best deal without saying anything.

But, if you do that then you don't find out that she knows how to do extensions and just doesn't advertise. OTOH, she doesn't find out that her customers want extensions and she ought to learn how to do them to keep customers.

then there's the possibility that she won't be mature about learning you want something different. That risk is present in both cases, though.

TrustGone posted 2/19/2019 09:05 AM

I believe honesty is always best. Ask her about extensions and if she can't do them, then you just let her know that you will be going elsewhere to get them done and do just that. It's not cheating, it's doing what's best for yourself.

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