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A love sausage

TheCaterpillar posted 2/13/2019 00:12 AM

M&S are selling a "love sausage" for valentine's day and I cannot stop laughing. (Yes, i realise I'm late to the party on this one) I've always found the cheesy v-day stuff a bit much. I don't like the concept in general and tacky merchandise makes me roll my eyes so hard I get a headache.

But is there anything more British than greasy sausage, bacon and eggs in a heart?? I wish I could've been present when they pitched that idea. The internet responses are priceless and I highly recommend checking it out!

Roll on February 15th (aka valentine's boxing day, the day for half price choccies - YUM!!)

Adlham posted 2/13/2019 00:58 AM

I just saw that today and died laughing!

Though, admittedly, it did make me hungry!

My husband is an ex-pat and I often order British foods for him but he totally rolled his eyes at this one!

TheCaterpillar posted 2/13/2019 08:21 AM

iNews wrote a review entitled "I ate the M&S Love Sausage alone and I didnít have a very romantic time"

"The Love Sausage was long, though not unapproachable. When I divided it into two, each side reminded me of the phallus of a young horse..."

I'm not really their target market since I don't like sausages but even if you do half a kilo seems like an awful lot of sausage!!

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