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Sane New World - Taming the Mind (Ruby Wax)

DebraVation posted 11/29/2016 16:48 PM

I just finished this book, I like Ruby Wax anyway but I was interested to read her perspective on how she's dealt wither depression and breakdown.

It's really entertaining and easy to read, and gives a very clear explanation of the brain's structure and how different parts form different types of thinking - and how a 'crossed wire' between the different parts can give rise to problematic thinking.

She recommends mindfulness to deal with intrusive thoughts and so on - I am still struggling with this but will keep trying! I am wary of 'rugsweeping' and I know I need to work through my thoughts and feelings but I would also like to find a way to 'switch off' sometimes so that I can stop wallowing and actually get something done!

It doesn't specifically cover infidelity but did give me some food for thought.

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