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beb252 ( member #78948) posted at 2:33 AM on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

AP responded to her letter and broke it off with her saying that he has been far too involved in the situation already and that it makes him very uncomfortable. He even showed surprising empathy saying that she should "stop waving me in his face, I know how I would feel if this were happening to me, and that's why I'm out".

Again, they're doing it old school method. She doesn't need to drop by his house for a one mail and be late in getting back home. No sir, she can just mail him the normal way but she chose to write a letter and decides to drop by his house. They just want to show you what you need to see but it is clear as day that her dropping by his house means they are still having a full-blown affair. Since they just talk the natural way without using communication medium, they can just see eye-to-eye and continue with what they've been doing all along.

They wrote the letters for you to see, not for each other. They wrote what you need to see. But on the background you know they're still having sex. On the background, you know that she's still doing her story telling to her bunch of friends. And you know deep inside of you that they're still laughing their assess off because they think that they still got you.

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Grace8At8Tab ( new member #74459) posted at 3:07 AM on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021


I have been registered on this forum for more than a year mainly to help me cope with being cheated on. I try to be as quiete as I possibly can but your post had me triggered and I just have to reply at least once. To keep from exploding.

My xWW also thought I was stupid. I also had access to her communications in real time. Unlike your STBXW, she had it completely under wraps. She never gossiped about it, because she wasn't really stupid enough to brag about it. But her betrayal, lying, and gaslighting hurt more than the adultery itself, and it was what drove the stake through the heart of our marriage.

What helped me the most was 180 to the point of NC even while we were under the same roof. We communicated by divorce app, and let her go on dates with the very strict rule that AP cannot set foot within the property while the divorce was in process.

No remorse and she got off the marriage virtually unscathed. I was the one who paid for her evil. But it would have hurt several times more had I tried to force reconciliation.

Take it from someone who have survived this hell on earth. Go 180

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