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Thoughts on this person I am dating?

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Queen posted 4/3/2021 20:17 PM

So many thoughts!

I read this earlier today and it has been running through my mind all day.

How will he treat you when you aren't compliant and easy? Will he stay with you out of obligation after he has "lost interest". OMG, that just makes my blood boil. Just because someone has mental illness doesn't mean they are weak. He wasted HER time. As someone who was married to a man who withheld affection for years, I can tell you that that is the one thing that I am still trying to heal from five years after the cheating jerk left. The cruelty of it still makes my heart ache.

I would proceed with caution with this one. He clearly thought that it was ok to withhold affection but wants to be the "hero" for staying with her when he may very well have been contributing to her problems. And he wouldn't go to counseling to try to save the marriage even thought he didn't believe in divorce?

He had a right to leave the marriage and seek his happiness. He did not have the right to do her the "favor" of staying with her only to refuse to work on the marriage or give her love. So condescending!

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