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Self Healing

JoshQ posted 2/5/2021 08:42 AM

A difficult part of this whole process is persevering even when things are difficult. I made a promise to myself that even if my wife leaves, then I will continue the process of healing. The thing is if we don't do this for ourselves, then we are likely to fail. We have to want to get better for ourselves even more than we want to get better for our spouse. I'm not going to say that is your experience, but it has been mine thus far. See, I failed time after time and I realized that as much as I wanted to get better for her I found myself depressed and still hating myself over all of my past mistakes. All of that depression and self hatred made the temptations all the more appealing because I just wanted something, anything to make me feel better. Again, this may not have been your experience, but this is what I found with myself.

Maia posted 2/5/2021 10:20 AM

yes. you're right. you have to heal for yourself, no matter the outcome. it takes courage but you can do it.

keep going.

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