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Lavenderrose posted 1/30/2021 10:52 AM

So this is year 5 past seperation.

I did date sporadically during this time.

A several month relationship that showed me I can have a relationship if I want one. This same relationship also showing me I need to choose better. Lol.

One old flame (from 30 years ago)
That did not work for all the same reasons of 30 years ago lol.

During this pandemic time I have not even tried to date.

I read a few articles this morning.

And I find myself thinking what really can I expect from a relationship?

A little conversation and a little sex.

And then I think what am I as a woman expected to provide?
And I am just going to leave the answer blank because there isn't enough room to list it all.

So now when I see a man and I just think hell no.
I already have too many jobs.

So that is where I am at today.

How about you?

[This message edited by Lavenderrose at 8:55 PM, February 11th (Thursday)]

Palmetto9213 posted 1/30/2021 12:02 PM

Lavenderrose, I too have been questioning what I want in a relationship vs what I am likely to get ....I tell myself that I will know it when I find it, but so far, all I've 'found' in my dating ventures are men that are not 'it' for a variety of reasons. But I have not given up hope, and I'm perfectly ok if 'it' never happens. I know myself better now and I am not going to settle for less than I deserve. If it winds up being 'just me' in my future, that's ok too, I know my worth and I do not NEED a partner/SO for my life to be happy and fullfilling

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