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Wife fell in love with a romance scammer

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beb252 posted 6/18/2021 02:41 AM

I had a friend who almost got scammed from this way back in 2016 I believe. He was sending her pictures of him on beautiful places. He claimed he traveled the world and had a business related to gems. He claims he's from Dallas but he's Mediterranean as he claimed. I asked my friend what was his accent when they speak and she told me it's something weird.
My friend was in Dubai that time and I was in Austin, TX. One night he claimed that he was hospitalized in NJ and he needed funds to get out of the hospital as his gems were not yet sold, well, according to him.
My friend asked me to send him $1000 to pay for his hospital bills. I told her to let me know which hospital he's in so I can contact the hospital. His reply from his email to her was something like: 'I am not a poor man my dear... You believe that I can't afford my hospital bills?' Like typical liar.
My friend was really into him that time and I was so frustrated I could have kicked her if I was with her. So I had to repeatedly tell her: 'All I was asking was tell me which hospital he's in so I can contact and pay it directly'. Simple question.
And I also asked his phone number, it was not a number from Dallas, it was an Ohio number.
I explained everything to my friend, patiently, and she was very thankful she averted a disaster.

beb252 posted 6/18/2021 02:49 AM

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the previous write up. You may remove it if it's not appropriate.
You have to carefully talk to your wife and explain to her these scammers are all over the world. You have also to educate your family to differentiate scam from reality. These scammers are well trained, in fact, some scammers have big backers behind them. I am cyber security guy so I know these things. There are lots of people being victimized by these scammers everyday. The number is staggering, some even lose millions from them. Some even lose their livelihood because they've been promised a better life somewhere. I believe this is what's happening to your wife now.
The thing that's happening to your wife is called phishing. There might be some email which came to her then she replied knowing that the person behind that email is real.
Hopefully it's not too late for her but as per your previous post, she's in too deep. You have to protect your assets from her. I believe she will come back once she loses everything she has.

KingofNothing posted 6/18/2021 08:44 AM

What does a lawyer say about recovering assets? This is horrible!

TheWrongOne posted 6/18/2021 10:04 AM

How is it that she still has access to those funds? Why did you not pull that money out and put it in a separate account she cannot access?

[This message edited by TheWrongOne at 10:04 AM, June 18th (Friday)]

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