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oldtruck ( Member #62540) posted at 7:26 PM on Sunday, November 15th, 2020

There was a thread in general about past sexual history influencing your choice of partner (can’t remember the exact title). Some posters had pretty wild younger years and still are faithful when they gotten married.

I don’t see why, after experiencing anything else than monogamy, one cannot be monogamous.

the is a difference between sowing wild oats before you are

married and after with an OM.

when single a woman had sex with many BF's

when each relationship ended she was done and did not

want any more contact/sex because she was done with him.

this WW was not done with her OM. she pushed to keep the

swinging continuing. when she could not get her BH to go

along she then cheated. she cheated for 5 years. she was

never going to stop. she only stopped because she got caught.

this WW was not finished with this OM.

this couple are not going NC with the OM and the OMW

because they will not expose to this PA to their mutual circle

of friends, letting their kids be friends. this situation is

allowing contact to continue rather then the WW and the BH

going NC.

this WW is highly addicted to her OM. with contact

continuing eventually this WW will cave into her addiction.

PA restarts.

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RocketRaccoon ( Member #54620) posted at 3:16 AM on Monday, November 16th, 2020

She has deleted op on snap, but wants to keep it as she does have bunch of other good friends on it.

... and you are letting her keep her main tool she used for communicating with her OM?

I have not used Snapchat before, so am not too familiar with it, but wouldn't the OM be able to make a new account? This would negate the 'blocking'.

Anyway, why can't your WS use some other form of communication with her other good friends?

By letting her keep SC, you are enabling her.

The next thing I would address, is that unless you want to stay in limbo longer, all contact must be stopped. A fall-out of this is the friendship your kids have with the OMs kids. Get your WS to explain to them why they cannot meet anymore.

You cannot cure stupid

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Tempocontour ( Member #65971) posted at 3:54 AM on Monday, November 16th, 2020

I hope you're doing ok.

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Topic is Sleeping.
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