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Divorced long time ago.. x is a gift which keeps on giving

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MelisssaZZZ posted 11/10/2020 04:49 AM

Ahhhh this is heartbreaking ..

So, he is selling a jot of his stuff preparing for serious downsizing (he should have downsized ages ago, in my opinion). With that he is also selling ddís old toys and I mean toddler toys (she is 11, almost 12 now - not playing with them)..

So my dd last night was in tears about a sold doll house because ĎShe played a lot with it and imagined we all 3 could be togetherí.. and now itís gone and that will never happen.. We will never be a normal family .. (She did not play with it nor she has ever been into dollhouses)

We have been apart since she was around year old. I am pretty sure this is not coming from her but this is how he portrays it.. and of course itís not about the toys

But of course her little heart is hurting for her dad and he is fcking milking it and making it worse ..god this feels like someone is burning me alive - I hurt so bad for her. Then she says I want to be a perfect child for me.. and she is a perfect child just hurts me to think that she has to come to think something like this .. all I can do is support her through this..

Anyways, that will not make me rethinking that it is not the right road and I will not get off it. With the way things were going we would be here sooner or later and now is a good as any other time to get through this.

In terms of lump sum - no court will give anything more to him, so I am safe there.

[This message edited by MelisssaZZZ at 4:58 AM, November 10th (Tuesday)]

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