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wingeddove posted 6/29/2020 19:50 PM

I donít recognize the spouse Iíve known for a quarter of a century. I saw weird behaviors and signs leading up to this but wrote it off as a midlife crisis or this 2020 global stress. Discovered the reality a month ago. I still canít believe it.

Chili posted 6/29/2020 20:31 PM

Oh man wingeddove - I'm really sorry you've found yourself in this place. It really is a situation that's so difficult to believe.

Do you feel comfortable enough sharing some details about where you are so we can help?

A great place to start is the Healing Library.

Remember to try and take good care of yourself during this time.

betsy62 posted 6/29/2020 21:02 PM


I, too, am sorry you had to find your way here.

It is hard to believe that someone you have spent your entire adult life with can just become someone else, seemingly, overnight.

I knew my X for 35 years. And, one day, he was just someone I did not know. And, I could not love or respect anymore.

The healing library is a great place to read.

A therapist might be of great help. I know mine helped me through things.

Hang around here too....the people are wonderful here. I do not post much, but the collective wisdom, and experience here have been vitally important to my journey. I still read posts here every day.

wingeddove posted 6/30/2020 04:19 AM

Thank you Betsy62 and chili for your kind words. Iíll check out the Healing Library. I do have a therapist on it and this helps. I also have two supportive friends who let me talk and help me sift thru my feelings. Betsy62 I too am sorry youíve had to suffer this. Itís such a big part of your life that you watch crumble apart.

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