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Not sure how to handle

Healing17 posted 9/6/2019 14:54 PM

We have been separated not quite 3 months. My son plays soccer and we both attend all of his games. My WH sits with my parents and me and our daughter at all of them so far, I think he is trying to make it look like we are not separated to the rest of the world plus he doesn't feel comfortable sitting with anyone else I guess. Some of the games are over an hour away and the one tomorrow is over 2 hours away. He has the kids tonight and tomorrow and he just texted and asked if I wanted him and our daughter to ride with me, or I ride with them, since it is so far (son will ride the bus with the team). I want to say no because I don't want to be in the car that long with him, sit with him all day and have to ride home with him, but I don't feel like it makes sense to drive separate. Do I let them ride with me or tell him no I'll be fine and maybe our daughter can ride home with me.

LilBlackCat posted 9/6/2019 15:21 PM

Since it's so new... I would say ride separately.

Unless you are at the point of some level of indifference or having a reasonable friendly relationship with your WH.. I would not ride together.

How would you react if his GF, or whatever, were to call him while you are riding with him and he answers and has a conversation with her?

Hawke posted 9/6/2019 15:34 PM

I'm a few years out now and have no problem being polite and making small talk with my ex now, but what you describe would exhaust me.

You have no obligation to drive with him any more than you should drive up with any other parent. You can certainly offer to let your daughter ride back with you.

MamaDragon posted 9/6/2019 15:34 PM

Why don't you drive with your parents and allow him to drive your daughter - unless you have a large mini van then let him ride with all of you.

That way you are in control

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