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Women’s Infidelity

MrPessimist posted 8/7/2018 16:50 PM

Has anyone read the book Women’s Infidelity by Michelle Langley? I have read some of it and it was quite depressing. The author seems to feel that monogamy is doomed to failure and cheating is inevitable. Anyone else who’s read it have any thoughts?

concordiaburner posted 8/21/2018 08:42 AM

I would be curious to read this, but from the website it seems like it is basically self-published by someone who is smart and did research but doesn't necessarily have any actual background in psychology.

I don't mean to be dismissive--I am open minded and would read it, but I don't want to pay for it.

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Ripped62 posted 10/14/2018 12:18 PM

The concept of a woman's feral sexual cycle has not been proven and her references are incomplete and remain unchallenged. It seems she went about validating her own adultery by using the argument of chemistry.

One could make a better argument utilizing some of the older gene theories.

The book in from what I gathered based on the opinion of a few ladies I asked pigeon holes women.

It is like describing a milk shake or wine based on a very limited chemical make up. Perhaps a better approach is to actually taste a milk shake or wine then you know the vast differences in types and individual make up..... chocolate is very different from vanilla and a Chardonay is very different from Burgundy.

Perhaps we should analyze the behavior of females regarding infidelity or simply ask them if her writings are valid. I do not think in either methodology the conclusion would be she has got it.

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burninghouse posted 10/16/2018 07:52 AM

I know women who have become restless in their M but did not cheat (as far as I know). The author claims there's an invisible script that women follow, but this seems overgeneralized. I would say it maybe applies to some women but certainly not all. Each individual is going to handle what the author calls a 'pre-midlife crisis' differently.

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