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WhatsApp Web

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WhatsApp Web

This may or may not have been posted or common knowledge to others, but it's news to me so I wanted to make sure everyone is aware...with whatapp web, you can install on your pc, scan your WS phone and a copy of all whatsapp communication they engage in with other whatsapp users

, will automatically be available in real time in the software on your computer. I don't know specifics and how to's but as with everything, it's best to research and test before hand so there are no unexpected alerts to them. Hope this helps someone

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Trying to figure out what my ex installed on my phone...


Long post head! Abput a month before I left my ex(may 2017) I was at home and got an email from him, the first email that I'd received from him in a very long time... and I attempted to open it up on my phone but it just opened up blank and I was in a hurry on my way out the door to work so I closed out of it figuring I would open it up later. Went about my day.

Later, when I went back to try opening it again, there was no email anywhere. I searched and searched for it but could not find so I asked him about it and he said he had not sent anything, which I know is a lie. I'm not dillusional. The whole situation just bothered me. I knew he sent me something but it was nowhere to be found. He knew I was preparing to leave and although he did not want me to, he knew that I was going to regardless. Fast forward to a couple of months later, being last summer and I would constantly get a flash out of the corner of my eye always seemingly coming from my phone and it happened every couple of days but I was never looking directly at my phone to actually see flash as it was happening. Drove me nuts but I thought he be awfully bored if he was actually breaking into my phone and he would quit eventually. I continued to think that, (mostly to avoid having to do a hard reset on my phone) until 2 weeks ago. It's now been almost 1 full year, and I was laying here-thought for sure I saw the flash so I grabbed my phone looked right into the camera and stuck my middle finger up ( it was a knee jerk reaction just in case the flash went off again) and sure enough 3 more times my phones flash went off. But I know it wasn't my built in camera app because after it was all done taking it own pictures I looked quickly to see if they were anywhere in my gallery or on the phone that I could find and course I could. So I attempted to mimic the flash and try taking a picture with my regular camera and the flash on my regular camera was much brighter than the un provoked flash that went off previously. Needless to say I finally did a hard reset on my phone but I would really like to find out what app that he installed (obviously remotely) and send the company a message informing them that he has illegally installed and they need to suspend his account entirely. I lived with his self induced paranoia for two years and now that I have left him and see that he's clearly not getting the hint via state placed restraining order I will attempt to go this route but I don't have any idea where to start looking for this company

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Landline Phone

Need to know what device to use to record land line phone calls. Anyone have suggestions?

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Iphone 6 exploit with latest update!

I have not tested this method myself, and currently do not have a need for it however hopefully somebody here can test it and get some information that they may be unable to access otherwise.

I Can't copy link for some reason via my cell phone but if you go to dailydot.Com and search iphone 6 exploit, you'll find the instructions to be able to bypass the thumbprint and the passcode security to access contacts and pictures according to the article. Hope this helps someone!

2 comments posted: Monday, April 4th, 2016

Open dns logs

Question about network logs. I have an open dns account and set up to log all web traffic. I am still fairly new and trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, there are logs that I cant make sense of. I know kik is a messaging app but Im not entirely sure that the person in question here is smart enough to know about something like kik. Could this be a pop up? Here is one of the log entries. If there is anyone who could help me figure it out, that would be awesome!

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Google Chrome remote desktop app

An app to access "your" pc or mac right from your phone. I saw it in the Google Play Store tonight and I'm not quite sure what kind of information you can access using it. I haven't had a chance to install it and test it out personally, honestly I didn't really read into the depths of it either but it definitely looks interesting so if somebody wants to look into it if you are interested in finding a way to access WS activity on the computer, this may be an option. My advice would be just to test it out of course first and play around with it to make sure no weird notifications popup for ws to see. Hopefully it helps somebody

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Iphone 6, iPad and regular windows pc with iTunes installed

My boyfriend has all of the above and I've noticed lately that he has been taking his iPad with him whenever he leaves the house for any reason. He used to leave at home all the time, and his iPhone messages rsync to his iPad. I'm wondering if there is a way to sync his iTunes that is on his regular PC to get his text that he sends and receives to sync on the computer that he leaves home.. he only his contacts synced as of right now on his PC. Anybody know if and how this is possible? I don't have his iTunes password but it is saved in the computer so that he can automatically log into iTunes when he turns on the computer. I don't know if it's saved somewhere in the computer like browser passwords are. But either way just wondering if its possible to find a way to sync this phone uses iTunes on the PC that he leaves home. Thanks

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Need help finding a birth date

If anyone has spoken or the like, please pm me if you are willing to help. It would be much appreciated!

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With all of the Ashley Madison data leak buzz...

I just want to say to everyone that I completely understand your need to know and I pray that you all find nothing to add to the already known destructive and life changing actions of the WS but please, if you get your hands on information from the AM leak, before you dive in and start reading anything- Stop first and remind yourselves that you will probably be looking at proof that you couldnt possibly prepare for emotionally and it will likely be earth shattering. Most important, please remind yourself that you are NOT to blame for WS's inexcusable actions/behavior and you do NOT deserve this no matter what. YOU are worth much more and promise yourself that you will remember this when in the middle of it all. We have some of the most amazing members in the SI family and I want you all to remember that in the midst of this crisis. XOXO

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Background check- 1 free per month

Can't hurt to try. It gave me 1 bit of info that I didn't have and it's free. And if you need more than one in a month, you can register several different emails from one device and just log out of 1 when you use your free credit and log into it using another email to get more than one free a month

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I have Samsung Galaxy S5 verizon. Got it about 3 weeks ago when I went on my boyfriends phone plan. I saw a text on his iPhone last week from a woman he has a ons with before he and I got together. His phone was on the counter as I was making food, a text from her popped up on the screen that made me wonder wtf he said to her to warrant her sending him that text so I picked up and looked. Short of the long, The contents of the text were inappropriate and I had planned on speaking to him this coming week when I had a break from my recent 75 hour work weeks. He was acting a little jealous last week after I came home from my night bartending job when I had a couple of bar roses that customers bought me. I don't have any interest in them or anyone else and figured his heightened jealousy may be due to guilt of his own actions such as the inappropriate texts which again, I intended to address at some point this week when my schedule allowed. FF to last night I had to go meet my boss to go over new software and database update for my day job (entertainment travel agency) who lives 4 hours away but is in my current city for holiday weekend at her parents house who live here. A couple hours went by and my boyfriend texts me and asks how things are going. I respond fine and that I'd be home shortly and after I sent it, the little green G icon for glympse app shows up on my text as if I were sending him my location. But I never installed that app and it doesn't show up anywhere in my app list. I looked right away when I got home and its nother in my apps. Could it have been remotely installed and then remotely removed before i got home somehow? And if so, how? The verizon website? I don't have anything to hide and don't mind sharing my location but not with someone who is being sneaky and is fueled to snoop by his own guilt. Because sure as I am standing here, he has absolutely NO reason to be worried about me, however I have darn good reason to suspect he is up to no good. Anybody here familiar with how this could happen? Sorry for the long post. I'm just a bit miffed by this and need to add to my list of things to address. Thanks in advance

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Text/iMessage backup for iPhone 6

I am completely apple product knowledge deficient. Isnt there a way to back up all imessages in a form that they can be printed? I need to be able to move the entire conversation to hard copy for court. Anyone have suggestions? Can they be backed up to ipad? Or is there a way somehow to get them backed up incase something happens to the phone? Any help would be appreciated

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Anyone who has WS's hotmail/msn sign in info - Read this!

You may or may not know this trick- I havent seen it on here but I stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago and as I was laying here tossing and turning, I realized I forgot to post it!

Its almost like Google Chrome but its for MSN bing. As long as the user is logged in with the email address that you have the pw for, it doesnt matter what computer they are using- their history will still show up here.

Now beware- I haven't had time to experiment much with it so I would use your own hotmail account first to test it out thoroughly but with the little bit that Ive tried-so far so good! Could be a gold mine for BS who have WS using outlook, msn, live and hotmail. Good Luck!

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