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After 15 years of marriage back in the same swamp

Only found out and again in the same swamp. 15 years of marriage. During these 15 years there was a period when I found out that he had several "ladies" of the heart at once. probably most of you will understand what was happening to me at this time and how many questions I had - what should I do next. His explanation - we fight a lot. And I can’t imagine how you can not respond to discovered love and sexual SMS. He asked for another chance and that it would not happen again. And it seems that we have entered a new phase - the closest people to each other. What was my surprise when I found out that for a year now he has been talking again and dating one of his former girlfriends. His explanation - I screwed up, this is a mistake. I don't know why I went for it, she called me, she has problems in her family including her husband infidelity. For him, it's just communication. He asked for one more chance - the last one. 15 years of marriage, you think everything is great and I'm in the same place again ... I'm at a loss and just don't know how to live with this further. Will it ever end? Can he stop. What he is missing with me (he said that nothing), why does he need it. After all, he said before that he thanks God for the fact that he has me. Can or will I ever trust him again. And yet you want to believe. And the soul is torn from pain and groans. Again betrayal. Again, a promise that this will not happen again ...
I apologize in advance for the confusion ... thoughts as well as current circumstances in confusion and chaos ..
Just have nobody to talk to and nobody to share with… to be able to write it here is already a try to get up after a fall …

36 comments posted: Sunday, August 20th, 2023

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