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Ideas for radical life change

My duel with infidelity has hit me hard. You can read in my other thread that I had a breakdown, went missing, ended up in a nuthouse, lost my job then finally left my WW and heartbreakingly my kids to move back to my country.

It’s looking likely that I’ll eventually lose my apartment if my ex forces the sale. That will leave me with around 20-30000 . It’s not a huge amount but enough to do something with. I’m looking for suggestions on where to go and what to do. I am open to anything, however wild it sounds.

2 comments posted: Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

Worse than hell (yes it’s all true)

New guy here but I’ve been around infidelity a while now unfortunately.

1991 Mum had an affair and left my Dad, me and my little sister to go off and marry another guy.

Years of pain and fuckery

2008 Met future partner, mother of kids

2015 Daughter is born (very hard for me after my experience of childhood)

2016 Move to small town (Wife’s home town).

2017 second daughter born. I was better this time but extremely anxious about responsibilities.

2021 family coasting (or so I thought). Two beautiful healthy girls, breathtaking house next to a river, good careers, good finances).

2022 (August) ILYBINILWY , cheaters handbook, gaslighting, minimising, etc.

October 2022 (October) BH goes off-rails, Goes missing, reported to Police, found by Police, sectioned to psych ward for 3 weeks. 4 rounds of electro shock therapy to wake me up.

Xmas 2022 Talked into false R with WW. Living in some form of first hell. Find the Mort Fetel Marriage Fitness Guide. Attempt the biggest pick me dance in the course of history.

Feb 2023 fired from job for getting hospitalised (they lied to the lawyers about this). And said I was being made redundant.

March 2023 Affair almost certainly resumes (yes, even after the carnage of last year).

April 2023 ("I’ve been feeling like this so long"

"tried to get a counsellor to change my feelings" (she got this from Ted Lasso how pathetic). Says she wants to leave.

May 2023 Can’t take it anymore. Leave my WW, house, job, kids, cats, bills, life etc… move back to home country

May 2023 she requests separation. She suggests renting our house out via her AP’s brother. Files at court to be able to rent out house.

July 2023 BH got drunk and abused via texting WW,OM and OMBW. Not my finest hour.

August 2023 Finally BH wakes up. There is no possibility of ever R here because she has made the humiliation of me so complete.

60 comments posted: Friday, August 11th, 2023

Exposing the affair- when to stop?

You can find my story in my signature. So far I’ve exposed the affair to wife’s mum, dad, brother, sister, brother in law, boss and a couple of friends. All of my family knows due to me being committed to the nut house.

I’ve also exposed to OBS but she knew already and has left her WH. I also sent the OM and my ex a bunch of abusive and threatening messages (just stupid stuff but could easily be twisted to make me look bad).

The thing that irks me a bit is that it’s a small town and the narrative is I had a breakdown and isn’t my ex wife amazing for standing by me when I got home. Now I’ve had to leave the country for my mental health because I am pretty sure the affair is back on and I can’t take the toxicity anymore. I’m heartbroken for my kids.

Question is: should I expose the affair far and wide? I was thinking of writing a letter to the CEO of her company (coworker affair ofc) and exposing her and him. Then pdf the letter and send it to everyone in my network on LinkedIn connected to that town. I do not have any plans to move back there.

7 comments posted: Monday, August 7th, 2023

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