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Blame Game/Unmet Needs/Always Capable

Hey all,

I (33/M) was referred here by a poster of another site, who thought posting my story and some questions would help.

Story: 9-year relationship, engaged for four. Started when she got fired from her job (toxic boss). In her words, tied a lot of her self-worth to external factors and didn't fight her demons. Met AP (Affair Partner) around April from a networking event; EA/PA up until I asked her to leave (November). Went so far as a trip overseas in August that I was told was a solo trip. As of this past February, they are still seeing each other. She trickled truthed me in September. I just waited until I got concrete evidence, while she lied about not seeing him anymore. I eventually came across photos he sent her of their dates, as well as emails and AirBnB receipts. I never told her what I found, all that I know more than what she was telling me. I started therapy soon as part of the story came out in September; I graduated and now see on a once-a-month basis as needed - the best thing I could have done.

Last conversation she blamed me: "Cheating doesn't start with the cheating, it starts before then," she told me. If only I had met her needs regarding her relationship with my parents and for us not having enough sex. Told me I needed to "dig deeper" as to my role in the relationship.

Now, I am getting texts at random, usually late at night: She misses me every day, can never forgive herself, thank you for all I did, she loves me beyond words, she cries herself to sleep, the doctor wants her on anti-depressants. I've been in NC.

Questions: I don't blame myself for her cheating, but I still find it hard not to say whatever deterioration of the relationship didn't play a part, although my therapist told me even if I did everything right in the relationship, we would still have had problems and my ex made a decision to look elsewhere, not because I was unfulfilling. So my questions are:

- 1. How sound is the validity of unmet needs?
- 2. Were they always capable of cheating? I find it hard to believe the person I met 9 years ago could have done this. Was this behavior always in their DNA and I just need to do a better job of seeing the red flags?

For those at the beginning of their trauma, I promise you it gets better! While I still have my triggers that get me upset and down a rabbit hole, whether it is certain songs or random thoughts of the good times, I've dedicated myself to exercising and actually started dating around two months ago. Hang in there.

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