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Changed at a core level

Part of the reason I visit this site because I can hide behind my keyboard and "spew" without being told by people to basically take the high road or that the XW has been hurt too.

I've realized that I'm different at a core level, objectively there have been financial benefits due to being more focused and aggressive. However the price seems so high, I used to be kind and enjoyed being kind. Now I see it as a horrible weakness or that other see it as weakness. My guard is up, and I doubt it really ever drops in anyway or with anyone now. I doubt it really could drop to be honest around people. I realize I trust my dog more than any person, and often prefer his company over that of people and even family.

I appreciate being here and being able to say I'm angry. I'm angry at my treacherous X, at my entitled children (especially DD) and even my parents and her parents for actually always believing I am the always going to fix everything, solve the problem, be reasonable and take it in the shorts to make everything work out.

What a butcher's bill from this nonsense.

18 comments posted: Friday, April 12th, 2024

and so it continues....

The background if anyone wants to read it.

So, I'm on one of my last business trips as the sale contract/leash is winding down to its last days. Tomorrow I intended to happily fly back to the states and was looking forward to Thanksgiving and the Christmas season.

Well, when things go too well, never look up as there is going to be bird looking looking to poo upon your head. Long story short, seems various people would like to have a full "family" gathering for Christmas.

It is going to be a long flight least the drinks are free.

57 comments posted: Sunday, November 26th, 2023

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