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Waywards as good parents

Curious as to what the thoughts are here. It's something I was and probably still am very black and white on. It's something I just can't reconcile. Basically we all know Waywards make the conscious decision to hurt their children by risking their children's lives, their spouses life, STDs, and of course just generally abusing their spouse and causing their mental state to deteriorate which could hurt the children as well. Surely this person I'm married to still loved her children when she set out to risk their lives? I just can't understand it. Was it a sexual fetish thing for them?

My wife's ap carried a gun everywhere he went and risked giving my kids STDs by kissing them after doing oral. So like I said I don't understand the thought process here. I've asked her why but it's like pulling teeth.

26 comments posted: Saturday, April 15th, 2023

Does it make you feel better that AP was ugly, etc?

Basically title. I can't help but kinda chuckle to myself when my wife ruined her life for a short, fat, balding, goblin looking "man"(?) You couldn't at least pick someone with good genes and or a good testosterone level? He was in his late 20s by the way laugh sorry honey, but I draw the line at beastiality

38 comments posted: Tuesday, April 11th, 2023

Being genuine while moving on

Don't really know how to title this but since I'm getting divorced soon I've thought about my new life and of course, marrying someone who didn't abuse my family. I think I'm just overthinking things but I'm wondering if anyone else had this perspective: that I wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for my bad wife, like you're second best (hypothetically talking to a new partner in my head) it feels unfair to bring all this baggage to a new partner. I didn't really explain what I meant well but I hope the basic idea is understood.

7 comments posted: Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

Just kill me

After so many lawyers and consultations and divorce agencies I finally filled, the best I could possibly get was a big fat loss. I don't mean to sound melodramatic and oh woe is me but my life is ruined, my family, my finances, me. I'm pretty much gonna lose everything I have, in debt for the rest of my life, seeing kids on the weekends, it's bullshit. I try to stay positive but I just can't, everything I worked so hard for is broken or completely gone. I hate her I really hate her, no matter how sorry she is, how much she tries, how much of a deal was struck that could actually be passed in court, I hate her I swear to God I hate her.

10 comments posted: Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Just upset

Don't really know where to put this I'm new and just upset about my situation. Wife had an affair, confessed, and now stuck in limbo. She's sorry and obsesses over trying to make it up to me, books, counseling, but I just don't care. My life would be ruined if I divorce, it would be borderline unrecoverable for me financially. I feel like I'm being dishonest with her which is stupid, she doesn't know I feel this way. Part of it is I feel that as an abuser she shouldn't get compensation from her victim. She also let herself go which upsets me, not so much that itself, but that she stopped trying with her health and appearance. This sounds terrible but I just don't get what I could want from someone like that. A fat bimbo who gives it up for a few nice words. Sorry for ranting I'm just upset

39 comments posted: Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

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