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Restoring messages on IPhone.

I need to know of any LEGITIMATE software to restore deleted messages from an IPhone. He does not backup anything on I cloud and has done pics only on his pc. He deleted them pre IOS16 update so he cannot pull them from messages using the edit or deleted messages button. Their messages are not listed on his mobile account bc they were all iMessages (? E messages?) and not mobile text. I feel like these would just help me get more clarity and really need to see them.

5 comments posted: Monday, June 19th, 2023

How do I really know that was all?

I haven’t shared my story yet. I just haven’t had sufficient time. Initial DD was 01/27 but the new/full truth was 02/07. It’s Father’s Day weekend and our eighteenth wedding anniversary. Found out he was with her just two days after my youngest had her birthday. I want to believe everything he told me but I have so little tangible information because he deleted their messages. I thought we were doing really great at this point in time (relationship wise). We had had great holidays and spent great time together and then this. I want to make sure there is no more confessions about them to come. I know he cut off all communication but just don’t understand how you can go from us to that. We were the couple you just thought would always find a way to make it through no matter the loss. We know each-other so well and are similar I would call him brother as a joke. We were still having sex. He hates what it did to me and how much he hurt me and could’ve ended his family. Blown up our kids lives. I just forgave him and moved on but I feel like maybe I still need to act out but lost my chance or am afraid to again and that maybe he’ll leave.

8 comments posted: Saturday, June 17th, 2023

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