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Going to help my younger sister out this weekend

Going to help my younger sister out this weekend.She is down,had foot surgery on Monday.She has two kids and her oldest is like me,a crossdresser for 5 years that decided to go fulltime last week.She is supportive and I know she has to take it easy.We are getting all the boy clothes out of the closet and dresser.Her oldest whom goes by Hailey decided she wanted to make this move finally and everything has been worked out at school.She is 16 and decided wanting to be one of the girls more.My sister is glad I am helping out too and knows to listen to doctor's orders.

0 comment posted: Friday, September 30th, 2022

New GF in my life

A new girlfriend in my life,things with my now ex fiance went south.My ex fiance left me 2 months ago.Anyway,her name is Amy and been together for a month now.She is 100% supportive of my crossdressing fulltime,has always like crossdressers.Met her while shopping and had her eyes on me.It has been great with us although her dad was against it at first.Her dad learned do not judge,love wins seeing us happy together.Amy's mom and brother have been great about it,sees us happy together.She is divorced,caught her ex husband cheating and knew she deserved better.We do a lot together,we get our nails done together including shopping.

5 comments posted: Thursday, September 29th, 2022

Mom and I did something together

Mom and I did something together this afternoon.We went through the photo book of me growing up when I was once her son.She saw I had a tough life.One was my dad pressuring me all the time to be fully masculine and I knew this was not me.Also knew I was transgender in a way.10 years ago changed things when I came out as a crossdresser doing it fulltime.She accepted it and knew I was going to become a great big sister to my 3 younger sisters.Sees me as a daughter now.Told me I have not let her down to this day

9 comments posted: Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

My ex wife and I keep in touch still

My ex wife and I keep in touch still.We divorced on good terms 10 years ago.We divorced not because of infidelity.Did fight a lot,differences and was not good.We both decided to file for divorce together.Then she knew I was into something new,crossdressing during the divorce.One day,came out to her I do this and was going fulltime after the divorce was final.Accepted it,she is supportive and sees me happy.After the divorce was final,she met me as Jaelynn for the first time and saw me much happier.Called me Jaelynn and still does to this day.We are good friends and she has remarried in a much happier relationship.Invited me to her wedding 6 years ago.Did get together with her today and it was good.Said she does not miss the previous me and I am the same person but much happier to this day.

2 comments posted: Thursday, September 1st, 2022

Things are going good now

Things are going good with me since I kicked out my girlfriend yesterday.Much happier now and can be me.My now ex did not like I am bisexual,like transgender women which I am a fulltime crossdresser.Never got along with my transgender girlfriend whom is a pre op transsexual of two years in my life.She is glad I got rid of her and there is peace in my house now.My transgender girlfriend lives with me whom has been a blessing in my life sees me much happier.I am going to surprise her on Thursday,will be 3 years with her and going to propose to her

4 comments posted: Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

A life changing decision 10 years ago

A life changing decision I made 10 years ago is one I do not regret.I came out to my mom and 3 younger sisters about something.They knew something changed me during a divorce,ex wife and I did fight a lot was the reason why.Wanted a new chapter in my life and discovered I was a crossdresser going out dressed as female at times with a couple friends.It was also during the divorce was final I found the true me.Was 33 years old at the time and it was a struggle before this happened.Mom invited my sisters and I over for supper one night.Told mom I needed to come out about something and wanted to do this when my sisters came.It was after supper was over,came out I am a crossdresser and was going fulltime once the divorce was final.All hugged me,my sisters said they were looking to have a much happier big sister.Mom said she was going to adjust well to having a son that will become a much happier oldest daughter.All have been there for me for support.After the divorce was final,they met me as Jaelynn for the first time and seen I found my true self finally.

8 comments posted: Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022

Girlfriend of a year messing around

Girlfriend of mine of a year messing around me,I know it is with an ex of hers and caught her once.With me,a fulltime crossdresser of 10 years and was good to me at first.Then things changed with her.I cannot stand what she has been doing and knows I live a much happier life I see myself as now,do not miss that life I had after I started fulltime as Jaelynn 10 years ago.Knows I always had a soft side that wanted out and staying out.If caught again,she is gone and going to kick her out.Cannot stand her cheating on me and has been treating me wrong at times

10 comments posted: Monday, August 22nd, 2022

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