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Husband cheated and died shorty after

This has been very painful. In early May, found out my husband cheated on me. I suspected of his infidelity when he told me he was unhappy in the marriage (totally blindsided). In early June, he passed away. Shortly after his death. I found even more details of his infidelity - from text messages to explicit video footage. I was with my husband for 10+ yrs. When I confronted him about it, he obviously denied it. But I knew plus I had evidence (even video footage of him having sex with this girl. How sick??). I even spoke to the AP before I confronted him, which proved everything. She tried to deny and claimed they were just friends. He was paying her rent, taking her to restaurants, paying for her kids and more. I saw text messages to his so-called female friends, where he would portray himself as a victim in this marriage to get sympathy. These are female he has inappropriate conversations with or he has slept with. He was trying to smear me. He would these females intimate details about our marriage (mostly about our lack of intimacy). During our marriage I suffered a lot of emotional abuse (as well as physical abuse on two occassions). I never had a voice in our relationship. I believe my husband was a narcissist. Now that he died, I’m left with a big hole in my heart. According to his text messages, he loved this other person and it sounded like he was planning to leave me and our children. So many unanswered questions and accountability. I’m trying to figure out how to move on.

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