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BH: Me 46 WW: Her 48DDay: 8/4/21 Multiple Affairs (2018, 2020, 2021) Married 17 years. No idea what I am doing!

Affair Anniversary

Do affair partners celebrate anniversaries? Wednesday is the one year anniversary of my WW calling her affair partner. Need to know if I should get her a card. laugh

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My wife won't come clean


In August I received a facebook message from a women who said in 2018 her husband and my wife had an affair. They meet once a month for 6 months and fooled around in his car and the last time they meet they had sex. He then broke it off. He came clean to her and she thought I should know. I spoke to this woman and there is no reason for her husband to lie. When I confronted my wife she said they did have lunch twice and were old friends but everything else was a lie. She said I shouldn't speak to them because they were crazy and to leave it alone. She never went back to the woman asking why she was doing this if it was fake. I actually didn't press this affair much more because while I was investigating I found out about more recent ones that took precedent.

I could see from phone records that from April 2020 till Feb 2021 she was calling another guy regularly. She said he was a friend from home and when her father was sick he was there for him. Her father passed away in Oct 2020. I don't have any proof of them meeting up but talking a lot. The talking ended for a bit when he got a girlfriend but picked up a few months later and I think possibly continues to this day. Didn't push on this one much either.

Because in April of this year she started talking to another guy. Calling on avg 5 times a day. Talking at night when she went to bed before I did and calling him all day while in the car and while at work. He is a bartender at her favorite restaurant that she would go out to once a week after work. She said they were just friends and his mother passed away a few years ago so he was there for her when she said I wasn't (this may be true I thought I was there for her but maybe I wasn't). I told her she needed to end this relationship and she said she would. She logged into my computer during COVID and I was able to see her search history. She looked up his bday and then if their astrological signs were a match, her searching for hotels near her work and for hotels by the hour. I confronted her and she had two execuses...she needed alone time to grieve for her father and then someone at work was discussing an affair so they were looking up this info. So her story changed.

I decided to put a GPS on her car and track her. One day I put a voice recorder in her car to test it as we would be in the car. Later that day I had to run our daughter to bball and she was going shopping. While there I noticed the car parked in a parking lot down the street from the store she was supposed to be at. I couldn't get there in time but the recorder picked up a 9 min call to this guy. She got a burner phone and talked to him about meeting up. She mentioned "not seeing him was bad for them", "she was going to kiss him the next day on his bday if they were only together for 5 min and couldn't be together" and then also said "I might go the restaurant and stare at the sexy bartender and cum my pants". They then meet for 16 min in his car. That night while drinking, not smart, I found the burner phone and confronted her. She said they were just friends and just had a phone relationship and what I heard was out of context. If I knew their friendship I would know it was a joke. I told her I didn't believe these crazy lies and we would be done. She said she would stop talking to him and wanted to work on us. She has never heard the recording just a few things I reminded her she said.

After this I was able to see a few strange stops that would show me that she was meeting him. And was able to see a facebook message from him on her watch 3 weeks after the burner phone day. Since early Sept I haven't seen or heard anything. I have confronted her that she needs to come clean but she says she won't admit to something that didn't happen and turns it around on me.

I decided not to blow up our family because her bday was in Oct and her fathers one year anniversary was also....then came Thanksgiving and now Xmas. We haven't discussed it or fought about it since Halloween.

I can't live this way any longer and after the new year I need to confront her. We have been getting along the last 6 weeks and actually going out to dinner and being intimate but she still hasn't admitted to anything. I actually feel bad that I am going to drop this on her. I feel like I have let it linger too long and I will be looked at as the bad person. I realize that is crazy because of everything she did.

I just wanted to tell my story and get advice. I don't think I can get past this and honestly not sure if I want to. She should have to feel some pain here and not think she got away with it. Have you been through similar. Advice? Recommendations?

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