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Wondering about the date of the onset

One thing that I continue to wonder about is when the cheating started. Both my XWs, upon discovery, refused to give any information. I have no idea if my kids are all mine biologically.

I try to reconstruct details/ signs etc but it would be nice to know at what point this all started.

Weird thing is that both call and text me and are friendly. But, if I even attempt to broach the subject of cheating, they either hang up or do not respond. So, for a very long time, I steer clear of the topic, as we need to communicate re the kids.

It just seems so foreign to me. If I had done something like they did, it would weigh on me and I would want to at least clear the air and apologize.

My first wife, with whom I had 2 children during our 12 year marriage, was an alcoholic. She stopped drinking and for the last 15 years has headed a women's CD treatment program which endorses the 12 Steps. She counsels women and is a sponsor etc.

Yet, no admissions or apology. I am pretty sure steps 8 and 9 call for admission and amends.

8 comments posted: Sunday, January 16th, 2022

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