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Wife has been having an 11 month affair, advice needed

Just found out my wife has been cheating on me for 11 months. ADVICE 🙏🏼

I am absolutely devastated. I’ve been with my wife now for 10 years. Married for 3. We have a amazing 8 year old girl, and JUST had another baby.

On my way home from picking up my daughter from a friends pool party. My wife accidentally sent me a screenshot of her FaceTime with another man. I instantly recognized him.

When I got home I confronted her, she explained it was a Instagram pocket dial and she instantly hung up out of embarrassment and took a screen shot in the process. (This was all a lie). I debunked this.

After questioning her, come to find out she was face timing this guy, and fucked up by sending me that picture entirely. She’s been talking with this guy (who is also married) for around 11 months. So I contacted his wife, and let her know my wife and her husband have been hiding their conversations from us.

After talking more with his wife, she discovered he was getting a hotel room down the street from our house all the time. She pulled this info up on their Marriott points account. I called him, and got him to come clean. He has been fucking my wife for months at a hotel during the day.

My wife would drop off my daughter at school, go meet with him. Then come home and act like NOTHING happened. I’ve since confronted her and she’s trying to get me to stay. The worst part is… our new born baby may not be mine. They have been having sex throughout her entire pregnancy.

I got a paternity test today. And should know by Friday the outcome. I don’t want to divorce my wife. But she has absolutely broken my heart, and ruined this family. My oldest daughter has no idea, and I don’t plan on telling her so they can keep a healthy relationship. My wife has never cheated before. I treat her like a queen, we are happy and love our relationship. Or so I thought.

If she had never sent me that screenshot by mistake, I’d have never known. The worst part is I have no idea why she would ruin our family and marriage. I give her my all, I work my ass off for her and the girls.

I’m broken.

UPDATE: baby is mine!

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455 comments posted: Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

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