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She just got primary custody. I'm left to rot.

After being cheated on, kicked out, and left for dead..

After going through the legal system to protect my rights..

After 6 months of not being to see or speak to me children because she decided she didn't want to let me see them while there were injections against that..

After showing this evidence to the court and showing them video evidence of her drinking with her affair partner just last weekend around my children at night while there were injunctions against that..

She still gets primary custody. She gets the majority of time with them. I barely get to see them. How is the standard possession order a good idea. What a disgusting excuse for a legal system where there is no fault. There is no justice for fathers going through infidelity and divorce with children.

Some say cheating does not determine if someone is a good parent or not. If you cheat and destroy a perfectly good family that is a fucking terrible parent in my eyes. She has and continues to put the children through hell. I cannot believe this world.

13 comments posted: Friday, March 11th, 2022

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