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So he has left home

Husband went off to NY in May to spend a week with someone he met online. I only found out about the affair when he left and was still in the air.

Long story short, he said he wanted to work on the marriage after I confronted him a day after he returned home. So for the past couple of months he told me he wanted to work on the marriage but was in fact still in touch with the witch. He left our home after I asked him about it.

I tried to keep our marriage together after he said he wanted to but you can’t make anyone stay with you if they do not want to. So now I have decide to let him go, as much as it hurts me. I do not recognise the man I married. So am now talking to a lawyer.

I am scared of what the future holds. It is going to be a rough ride but I have to believe we will come out stronger.

4 comments posted: Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

Make the pain stop

All I feel now is anger and resentment. Sometimes I do not know what I am feeling. It’s been close to 2 months since DDay.

Everyday that goes by I feel resentful towards him. He is apparently trying to fix the marriage but I still do not feel he is being upfront with me about the relationship. Maybe he’s too embarrassed or is trying to forget it. Am I wrong for wanting him to be upfront with me no matter how shitty it makes him feel.

People around me keep telling me I need to be the strong one to hold the family together. We have decided to stop the MC after one visit. Decided to first do IC first. Also the MC on the first visit actually suggested that all men have in their head is sex. Both my husband and I disagreed with her, what a cop out thing to say.

Everyday that passes I just want to be on my own to sort my thoughts out. But we have a gorgeous teen and I do not want to hurt him.

I need to make the pain stop!!

7 comments posted: Friday, July 9th, 2021

Broken and lost

My husband of 18 years, the father of my child, my best friend is now half way across the world in a hotel room with someone he met on Twitter.

He told us he was feeling stressed and needed to travel (we travelled a bit pre-Covid). Said he felt like he was falling into depression. As much as I did not want him to go, I felt if that is what he needed to do to help himself then I needed to help him do that. I should have followed my gut telling me something was off. I brushed it off thinking I was over reacting.

Whilst he was on the flight to NY, I found out that he’s been having raunchy communication with a woman he met on twitter. The moment I saw the chat, how he was putting me down, how he professed his love for her, the talk about sex, the secret calls in the car after dropping our son off at school - my world fell apart.

He will be in NY for a week then when he returns he would need to go into quarantine till the end of the month. So we will not be seeing him for a month and I need to hold off confronting him till he is back home.

I do not know what to do.

I am completely broken and am praying for strength. I try to carry on with life but I am tearing up every time. Not eaten in two days, hardly slept.

The only positive of this is our gorgeous boy and the support he is giving me.His hugs and kisses make things a little better if only for that moment.

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198 comments posted: Thursday, May 13th, 2021

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