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Can moderators control the streaming ad content?

Hello SI:

I'm wondering what's up with the bikini clad, oiled up women with single names like "Karma" that occasionally pop into the ad boxes on the first post of all SI threads?

These blatant photos pop in more often than I'd prefer, and I imagine it can be triggering for some SI users.

I understand streaming ad content is sometimes a necessary evil to generate $$ to keep a site going.

But come on, really. Some of it is a bit much. Is there a way moderators can apply ad content filters? Does SI have ANY control over what shows up in the ad boxes?

Looks like the ads streaming on the bottom of the page are content related to ME and what I've been doing online. For example, Le Crueset cookware adds are popping up on the bottom of my page right now. I looked at the Le Crueset website recently (big sale) so that makes sense. The ads in the middle of the thread seem to be general content. I hope Karma's presence in one of the ad boxes on the first post in my version of SI had nothing to do with me!

Just wondering. Thanks for enlightening me.

7 comments posted: Saturday, August 21st, 2021

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