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"You'd figure that in modern times, people wouldn't feel the need to get married if they didn't agree with the agenda"

~ lascarx

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Been ruminating on this for a while. The lies WS's and BS's tell themselves before, during and after a betrayal that either help facilitate an affair and/or prolong the destruction and pain thereof.

Ill start. As a young BH with a wildly unstable and abusive upbringing, I had no sense of self or what it meant to be a strong man who believed in their worth. I had no role model. Pretty much raised myself. My coping mechanism was to minimize, rationalize, and normalize toxic and harmful behavior in others that detrimentally affected me. I was in survival modde. It was my learned behavior/coping nechanism.

So, the lies I told myself before and during the A when I saw, but did not recognize, the red flags were:

• "Its not that bad" (It was far worse)

• "I can work this out/improve" (now know it was the "pick me" dance and know it takes two to tango)

• "It cant be what it seems"

After the A when things were very very rough, I told myself:

• "It was only once" (90% sure untrue)

• "Ive been through worse, I can make this work" (I didnt know what I didnt know)

• "I can deal with this myself, I dont need anyone's help" (probably the greatest lie of all, the "island unto myself" lie. This alone prolonged my suffering for years)

• "I have enough love to save this marriage and my family (serious white knight syndrome)

These lies greased the wheels of painful decline and compounded suffering for a decade before it ended.

I thought it may be instructiive and helpful for BS's and WS's to share their own versions of lies they told themselves, aka self deception, and how they percieve them now, so feel free to pitch in. Id appreciate your thoughts.

* Note - I have now had years of great therapy and have shed much of the crippling coping mechanisms listed above and am thankful yet vigilant as they have a habit of creaping back in to my thoughts and behaviors.

32 comments posted: Friday, October 13th, 2023

Talking to Your Adult Children About Infidelity

Before I begin. Eternal Honor and Respect To All Victims of 9/11 and The Amazing First Responders. Never Forget Indeed.

Backstory. My betrayal was as a young Husband and Father. Thought Id hit the jackpot and it turned into pot of cr@p when my then wife betrayed me with my ex best friend. For a guy who grew up in an unstable (to put it mildly), fractured and abusive home, wanting to have what I never had, it was a massive blow. Ill spare you the shyt show of those years but it was awful, Though I tried to the best of my ability to rebuild for 10 years, it was for naught and extremely painful. I just didnt know what I didnt know. Im now in a great marriage with an exceptional woman who is also a survivor of a brutal betrayal. Ive also invested in years of excellent therapy/coaching to right the ship of my life.

Thats a bit of my story.

Some years ago I lost a friend due to infidelity. By "lost", I dont mean broken relationship, I mean self deletion. The pain of infidelity was, in their mind, so intense that life became unbearable. Shock and sorrow ensued, followed by extreme anger. Marital traitors do not factor in the massive detrimental effect that their betrayal will have on all involved. Lives may literally be at stake.

This triggered me big time. A lot of old feelings came roaring back. Thankfully, I now have a lot of tools onboard to mitigate that emotional flooding. During that time I also found this place and began using my voice and speaking out. Before that, I didnt speak much of it as there was lingering shame from my betrayal. Im silent no more.

So thats the backdrop which brings me to the title of my post.

Some time ago I had very serious discussions with my adult children individually. Some are married, others in serious committed relationships. In that discussion, I talked about how important fidelity was was in their relationships and how very much I detested infidelity/betrayal. In that discussion, I went as far as to say that, for me, blood will not trump infidelity and that if they ever betrayed their spouse/committed partner with someone else, they will be cut off and disinherited (we have a trust for our kids and grands). I discussed all alternatives when they have relationship challenges, what to do when they entertain thoughts of betraying their spouse/SO and what to do when they are flirted with/hit on. So, it wasnt all warning. They were pretty wide eyed when I laid it out but receptive and asked a lot of great questions.

I have recently been rethinking my strong approach. I hope I never ever have to enact this maxim, but it is a core conviction.

What are your thoughts? What have you communicated to your adult kids? I invite your feedback.

27 comments posted: Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

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