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sorry for radio silence for over a year or so, but I was busy with life and coming back here often felt too heavy of a burden to bear. But I got many private messages (read them all just today, sorry!) about how am I (or we) doing. No idea if i picked the right forum (General), but I hope it’s fine.

To those of you who have reached out - thank you for caring, and once again, sorry for leaving without warning.

We (yes, we) are doing.. well. Some days are better, some worse, but I think we are out of the woods so to speak. There are still some things (on both sides) than are unresolved and the hurt is still there, but we are working on it.

Hope I will fond time to come back later with deeper insight, but for now - doing good, R in full and all that..

See you soon.
Mr. F

16 comments posted: Sunday, March 3rd, 2024

How to deal with divorcing a remorseful WS

I think it's time to open a thread in here since I got a confirmation of a court day today, one month from now.

If you did not read my previous threads in JFO/General here's a shirt recap:

STBXW had an EA/PA with her coworker last spring/summer. Didn't confess, had to pull it out of her over the period of many months. During this time she lied, TTd and denied until I set up a polygraph. Then she came clean. They didn't sleep together (but plans were made), but lots of meetups before/after work, kissing and so on.

Over the last few months she became more and more remorseful and aware of the damage she had done to me, our kids and our family. We tried to work it out, but I ultimately came to realization that this was a dealbreaker (as I knew from the beginning but tried to overpower my own convictions) and decided I want out. We went through her desperation, lashing out, outright refusal to cooperate to a mutual understanding that it's for the best and any other attempts to pursuade me to change my mind would be beating a dead horse.

So we filed for uncontested divorce, STBXW moved out and we started sharing our time with kids according to our agreement. No issues whatsoever, but she still makes it clear she wants to stay together no matter what, which obviously makes it hard on me.

So I would love any kind of advice you can offer. Also, I will probably have many question going forward and I hope you might help with that.

Thank you,
Mr. F

122 comments posted: Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

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