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Wife of 20 yrs caught cheating

Well I never thought I would be on a forum like this and didn't even know they existed until a couple weeks ago. I turned 50 this year and also celebrated my 20 yr anniversary with what I thought was the love of my life.

We both have good jobs and the nice house and everything we would ever need it had been a great ride up until a few weeks ago. (One caveat to the above my company, had hired a new CEO and I was passed up for a VP job earlier in the year for somoene I run circles around. So I had not been happy with my job & have been interviewing to move on causing a little stress and distance with me)

So I get COVID the beginning of November, and then my entire family slowly gets it so we are all quarantined the majority of November. I notice my wife is very short with me and we get into a little tiffs, and said we need to talk when you feel better! So I think whatever, that happens once and a while. So I get better and am sitting in the basement on a Sunday, and she comes down after waking up red & teary eyed. So I am thinking Oh great here we go. She proceeds to tell me that she is worried we are drifting apart and she is concerned. Not what I was expecting hear, I tell her I am here for her and will do whatever it takes to get us back on track. So we talk about spending more time together, more open communication possibly even getting outside help.

My wife started doing weird things (end of November early December) that I started to take notice of. First incident, she had a dead battery on her car in a park near are house in a back parking lot. She calls me, "my batteries dead" I say where are you? The Park she sais, so I go over there jump start the car, and I ask here what are you doing over here? She said I like to come her and listen to my music and look at the scenery, I think OK whatever? A few days later I am installing a new WIFI network in the house, and I tell here I need here phone so I can make sure it is working with the new WIFI. She reluctantly hands it to me and I head to the basement, not two minutes later she comes down, can I have my phone I really need it! I jokingly say what are you afraid your boyfriend is going to call, haha so I thought. She rolls her eyes and goes upstairs. Then I notice she is no longer using the community charger in our mud room, which she always did in the past now it's in a charger up by her bed.

With all these clues adding up, I go to the phone records (which I have never done) I start to see a phone number come up at the same time she get's off work and late night calls and they are 30 -60 minute. I am worried, so I run the number on google just to see if could get a hit. I do, it is a number to a local handyman and I recognize the name. My heart drops into my stomach. He is a friend of one of my wife's close friends from work.

I am devastated, & the same day I find this out my Sister calls and tells me her lung cancer is getting worse. I am now a basket case, my wife comes home around dinner and I am visibly upset while making dinner for the kids. She asks me what's wrong. I tell her about my sister's call and then say do you need to tell me something? She looks at me puzzled, I say you need to come clean with me. Still nothing out of her. I tell her that she had been acting funny as of late and protecting her phone. She starts to squirm a bit, I tell her I have been doing some homework and looking at our phone records. I tell her I see one number coming up a lot and it's a guy. She turns expressionless and shades of green, then goes into the bathroom for twenty minutes. I feed the kids and she sneaks up the stairs to our bedroom. She says we have just been talking and he get's me. I am pissed but try to stay calm & rational which is hard one some one pulls out your heart & shows it to you. We talk she says it will stop immediately and she wants to seek help for herself and get a marriage counselor. I agree as it had been a long day, but I sleep maybe an hour that night. I think about my 2 kids who are 13 & 15 and how this could destroy them & it kills me inside. I will continue my story tommorow...

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