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Brothers and Dad Kicked by a Donkey

So as some may know, my Dog passed away about 2 months ago. I did not think I would get a dog for many years (planning to join the military next year).

A little background:

Dad is an Executive Chef/Food and beverage director for a Casino.

Older Twin brother 25 Male works with police, trying to become a police officer.

Younger brother 18M. Finishing HS and planning to be a filmmaker or director.

I 25 Male currently working at an Amazon warehouse as an Assistant Manager until I get my degree in education and business. Two classes left before I can start my student teaching as well as an internship.

My brother's (25M and 18M) and dad kept showing me dogs trying to get a new one. Was against getting a new dog. Mom was against it at first.

1. They hardly walked/Ran/played/cleaned with the last dog.

2. His death still hurts me.

Two weeks ago, my mom gave in because of current family death (Aunt passed away), and the house is very depressing, added on top of a very emotional mom.

Last week my younger brother, 18M shows us a dog in a local animal humane society. Parents want to go, and drag me along for the ride. Get to the animal humane society, and you have to RSVP (I mentioned this at the start nobody listened.) Get told the next available appointment is in 2 weeks. I take this as a sign from up above saying NOPE!

Last week was again shown puppies. My mom wants to be a Husky dog breeder, and I'm the last one they convince before I cave in.

My younger brother finds a website to purchase a 10-week old husky boy, and later after the boy settles down, purchase a girl husky. My brother's and dad communicate with the seller and get a price and other information. My older brother, 25M buys the dog, and my brother and parents come to me for $1300 for a container for the dog transportation that is "refundable" when I return it to the airport. Dad and brother use my debit card to pay for the container.

Today I request time off work so I can go and get ready to see this dog. I get home, wake up my twin, tell him to wake up, and tell me what time this dog arrives.

Then comes the Chinese parade of red flags.

1. The dog is stuck in Utah.

2. The postal service that is shipping the dog sends an email saying we need dog insurance that is "refundable" once the dog arrives. This shit was almost $1,000 on top of the dog crate.

I calm down wake up my dad and brother. I ask to see the messages/emails/tracking number.

3.The email they used to email the mailing service was not even a work email.

4. I click on the link that my twin got for the mailing service United States Postal Service. The Site did not even have the fucking Logo.

5. Can't see what airport the dog is in.

Getting very pissed at this point. I told my younger brother to call the dog breeder.

6. Indian dude picks up the phone.

7. Enter the tracking code and get back a big fuck you "This code does not exist."

I started huffing, and puffing and tell my younger brother to show me the website.

8. The name sounds sketchy, ""

9. Told by twin to call the postal company, and some African guy answers.

10. Try and search "," and the site is down.

11. Called the company, and the phone is disconnected.

Honestly felt like an idiot. I work graveyard shifts and currently in Amazon Peak period (Forced to work mandatory extra days), so was not really involved in this process since I was asleep for the entire afternoon/night. Honestly felt like I could count on my dad since he does a lot of business work but damn he dropped this ball.

So probably $1,300 is out the drain and probably the last time I lend money out to my family. An expensive lesson for me, don't let go of large chunks of money without doing research, as well as getting involved.

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Derrick Jaxn

Anybody keeping up with his current drama? I honestly feel very sad for all his fans (735k), gives "great relationship advice" while cheating on his wife....

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Pets "its time look"

I have been putting off my dog's final vet appointment to put him down. He has some ups and downs in his fight against cancer (Nasal area moving towards throat). He was doing so well until this past Wednesday, it came as a shock because the day before we did a 4-hour hike because I had a suspicion next week would be it.

Wednesday came

1. Ate a little bit (hand fed)

2. Drank little to no water. (Had to use a syringe to try and make him drink water)

3. Difficulty walking and getting up

He usually lays in bed with me and I had his head on my chest and we just stared at each other for a solid 2 minutes. He has a tear coming out from one eye, and this very sad look. I haven't cried in 6 years until that very moment. My little golden boy told me that it was time.

Anybody else get that look?

Tomorrow is his final day and I have ugly cried multiple times today. I Will probably cry myself to sleep tomorrow

17 comments posted: Thursday, February 11th, 2021

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