Newest Member: KstinTX


Me: BH
Her: WW (expert serial cheater)
Status: Divorcing

Separation Limbo

Separated now for a week, WW rented a place. Divorce attorney is selected and on retainer, but I haven’t pressed the start button. WW still wants to reconcile, but anyone familiar with my story is aware of the deflection, minimizing, gas lighting, and physical abuse (her

on me). While I can honestly say some progress was made in her empathy, her individual work, and in our communication, the post DD behaviors by her may be more than I want to forgive. Some say its not the affairs, but the post wayward actions (new lies, new gaslighting, etc.) that end the M. I think I may fall into this camp, with an ability to forgive multiple affairs, but to never be able to trust due to post DD cover up. So update for now is simply separated.

14 comments posted: Saturday, July 17th, 2021

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