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Revenge Fantasy vs Reality

The previous thread was locked on the revenge subject and I’m not posting to belabor it. However, here’s a real quick story a friend relayed to me about her situation. Here’s a first hand account from someone I trust and has no reason to lie to me.

She’s a teacher who married a cop - big city. After being what she considered happily married for five years, they took a long vacation to Singapore, which was a two plus week trip. Her friend lived there.

Once the airplane reached cruising altitude the cop turned to her and said, I’ve been cheating on you the entire time we’ve been married.

Obviously, that was a very long flight and two week vacation indeed. Mr. cop wanted to divorce and got what he wanted.

But think about the level of terribleness. This obviously was a well thought out plan on his part.

16 comments posted: Monday, May 30th, 2022

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