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Profession and Infidelity

Has anyone noticed, or is it my imagination, that a number of recent posters, whether it be betrayed or wayward, are in the health care field?

I read somewhere that this profession is in the top ten in which infidelity is greatest -teachers, finance, politics, social work, are a few of the others off the top of my head that I saw in the article.

Is their any valid research and credence to these 10 professions and cheaters?

37 comments posted: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

Pre Marital/Marital Discussion re Infidelity

I’m wondering if people think that couples who are considering marriage should discuss their expectations about infidelity, and/or also during the marriage?

The main question regarding this is as such: Do you think if you had this discussion with your WS, either before or during M, the cheating would have been prevented?

I remember reading that Spaceghost had this discussion with his WW during the M, in the context of a cheating neighbor plus the fact his mother cheated on his father, essentially destroying his father and the family unit. He told his WW in no uncertain terms that cheating would be a dealbreaker for him. Yet, his WW ended up cheating anyway.

I’m wondering if I should recommend to my daughter that she should have this discussion with her future partner prior to M?

43 comments posted: Friday, January 21st, 2022

When The WS/Partner Reads on SI

There have been instances where the BS (I’ll use that also for betrayed partner) finds out that the WS is reading their postings on SI. In some of these postings the BS made it clear that R wasn’t going well, or was non existent, and D was on the horizon. The WS then woke up and did the work to R, or, did not.

There are other instances where the BS directs their WS to SI because they feel they are simply not getting it. And, in some of these cases, the BS is using this as a last ditch effort before they initiate D. In other instances, they want so much to R and simply want their BS to get a clue and do the work.

Finally, there must be some instances where the WS is reading on SI but the BS has no clue, and maybe never will.

I’m wondering, especially in the first two instances, whether the BS should consider this the end of the line? If the WS won’t change, after reading about their BS’ trauma and heartache, as well as reading the other forums (especially the Wayward one), should the BS simply move to D?

17 comments posted: Wednesday, January 12th, 2022


For all of the BS’s, I wonder if in hindsight you could identify the signs that your WS had the personality traits, capacity, and/or predilection to cheat?

28 comments posted: Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

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